This article will tell you all you need to know about the Best Cow Ghee in India.
I will also:

  • Give you my top recommendations based on my research,
  • What I looked for when picking the best cow ghee brand.

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A Quick Overview of Best Cow Ghee in India

  1. Amul Ghee (Best Overall)
  2. Mother Dairy Cow Ghee (2nd Best)
  3. Patanjali Cow Ghee (3rd Best)
  4. Gowardhan Cow Ghee (4rth)

How Did I Research The Best Cow Ghee Brands?

I have an extensive list of all the cow ghee brands I’ve tried, and even more importantly, the ones that tasted best. I first use my own experience to select brands that I think will taste good based on the company and the reviews of customers.

Next, I read through the ingredients list. Once I narrowed it down, then it is onto doing some online research about where each individual cow ghee brand stands. Looked at factors like taste, pricing, packaging, etc.

Best Cow Ghee In India

It is believed that Ghee originated in the 3rd century BC, Vedic India, but very little is known about who invented it.

Our ancient scriptures have depicted its holy powers, and the process involved in its making is written down in Vedas and Puranas.

Ghee is widely used across India for religious purposes because of its purity
Many Indians believe that they cannot complete their meal without ghee, because it enhances the taste of the food multiple times.

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Mothers feed their children with ghee to grow strong, and maybe that’s why there is a sense of nostalgia attached to it. It reminds the people away from their homes and connects them to their roots. 

Since its origin, Ghee is consumed by almost every household in the country and has its consumers worldwide. It has different names, such as ‘Samna Baladi’ in Egypt.

Please go through the factors one should take into account before purchasing.

We have curated the list of the top 10 Ghee readily available in India and are the best in their range.

They cow ghee brands have distinct features, and you can choose the one best suitable for your needs. 

List Of The Best Cow Ghee Brands In India



Amul is a well-trusted brand in India and has established its trust in people over the years. Amul Pure Ghee is one of the bestselling products from Amul and stands out due to its pure quality.

The ingredients used are fresh because the milk is directly taken from the farmers and efficiently turned into Ghee.

Amul Pure ghee goes a step ahead to satisfy its consumers and provides a top-quality product with a minimum price.

The price of this product is Rs 340 per litre, and it is available in the packaging of 200ml, 500ml, 2 litres, and 5 litres in India. 


  • No compromise on Nutritional Value.
  • Shelf life up to 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Very healthy and delicious in taste.
  • Provides and is a rich source of – vitamin A, E, K, and D.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Made from fresh cream and has a pleasing aroma. 



Mother Dairy was launched in 1974 and is one of the leading manufacturers of dairy products. Its Ghee is very close in taste to traditional homemade ghee and will transport you to the memories of your childhood. Trust us.

This product can do magic with your hair growth and skin pigmentation. It provides all the glow and charm to your face if you apply it. The ghee is packed with various nutrients and has a grainy texture along with an alluring aroma.

The price for 1 litre is Rs. 495 in India.


  • No artificial colours or chemicals used.
  • Prepared under hygienic process.
  • Supreme quality and free from harmful Trans fat.
  • Available in three options- Brown ghee, Cow ghee, and Buffalo. 
  • Premium texture cow ghee.
  • A balanced combination of ingredients.



With its roots in Ayurveda, this desi ghee brand comes at 3rd rank when we talk about the best ghee in India.

This ghee is well suitable for someone conscious about their health. In fact, you can include it as a part of your Indian diet.

It doesn’t contain unhealthy fatty compounds, and it can be called a ‘powerhouse’ of antioxidants. The regular consumption of ghee will increase your memory power and give an energy boost.

The price for 1 litre is Rs.565, and it is also available in the 500ml packing in India.


  • Free from adulteration.
  • Ghee contains natural colour and aroma.
  • This cow ghee helps to improve digestion.
  • Clears pigmentation and gives it a glowing effect.
  • Tastes similar to homemade ghee.
  • Purely made from Cow’s milk.



Another well-trusted brand that you can trust based on its quality. In fact, Govardhan won the award for ‘Most Trusted Ghee Brand’ and has made a mark.

The organic ghee is rich in taste and untouched by hands. There are no added artificial flavours which certainly makes it our priority, and also better and great among its peers.

This product is widely used for auspicious occasions and has a long-lasting shelf life. The product is available in 1litre, 2 litre, 5 litre, and even tin of 10litres.

Some people may find it highly-priced, but the quality is unmatchable. The price is set at Rs 578 per litre in India.


  • This is an organic product.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial flavours.
  • We can use the ghee for holy purposes.
  • Provides energy to the body.
  • Helps in the overall development of children.



The brand comes under India’s Karnataka Co-operative Milk producer’s federation ltd and manufactures cow ghee made from pure high-quality milk.

You can even apply this product to wounds, and it will heal them. This product is completely vegetarian, which is made from cream.

You can make mouth-watering traditional sweets from this ghee, and it will enhance the flavours.

It is available in small sachets that can be carried along while travelling. The cost of ghee is Rs. 450 per litre in India.


  • It is not expensive.
  • Quality product made by a standard process.
  • Improves brainpower, brain health and gives strength to muscles.
  • Rich in vitamin A, D, and E.
  • Smells heavenly and enhances the taste of Indian cuisine.
  • Helps in hair growth.
  • Completely vegetarian product.
  • Prevents constipation.



Nestle is widely popular for its dairy products and their everlasting taste. Undoubtedly people love its product, and this is from its ‘Everyday’ product line.

We indeed bet that once the pack of ghee is opened, its aroma will spread across the room. It comes in a tetra pack which is entirely spillproof.

This product is from Nestle India is that it is free from any harmful chemicals, and you can give it to small children without compromising their health.

The ghee is made from the curd, which is made from Buffalo’s milk. The price for 1 litre is Rs. 500 in India.


  • Rich in taste.
  • Free from preservatives.
  • We can store it in the refrigerator for a long time.
  • Organic in origin, the ghee is also completely vegetarian.
  • The ghee contains omega 3, which is good for the body.
  • Packed under a hygienic process. 
  • Has a rich granular texture.
  • It contains multivitamins.

My Verdict

People have some apprehensions about the taste and do not like it.



This healthy pure desi ghee product is made from the milk of Bengali brown cow, which makes it unique.

The purity is 100% as there is no impurity in the product. Baidyanath is known for its natural Ayurvedic products and has a legacy of over 100 years.

Baidyanath ghee is tightly packed in plastic jars, which are leak-free and can be taken anywhere. The ghee is wholly vegetarian and priced at Rs 345 for 450ml in India.


  • One can use this desi ghee for spiritual purposes.
  • No added colours.
  • No artificial flavours.
  • Keeps the bones strong and healthy.
  • Helps in the vital growth of small children.
  • It is an organic product. 
  • Made from Bengali Brown Cow milk.



This is the original cow ghee brand and contains small amounts of good fats that can improve your skin health. The pure cow ghee’s packaging is hygienic, and this ghee is processed under constant supervision.

This Indian cow ghee product is low in fatty acids as compared to its counterparts which are available in the market. You can take a spoon full of it daily, and it will never disappoint.

Cow ghee can be added to various sweets and will surely enhance the flavours. The price for 1 liter is Rs. 459 in India.


  • Good value for money product.
  • Contains nutritive properties.
  • Fresh aromatic flavours.
  • Vedaka cow ghee is safe for consumption.
  • Vedaka ghee can be consumed daily.
  • Rich source of good fats.
  • The ghee remains fresh for a long time.
  • Improves skin glow and makes skin softer.



This ghee has a distinct flavour of its own and is produced by combining various healthy elements.

They have put natural aroma to serve a nostalgic flavour to their customers. This cow ghee product is manufactured under careful supervision and hygienic conditions.

The cow ghee is priced at Rs. 625 for 1 litre in India at the time of writing.


  • This ghee is suitable for people on a diet.
  • Cow ghee has a natural taste and aroma.
  • Helps to increase memory power.
  • Improves digestion.
  • MSG ghee comes in proper packaging.
  • Assists in the hair growth.



This desi ghee product is manufactured by ITC India and made using 100% cow’s milk. The brand has maintained consistency in its quality and is preferred by many households across the country.

This ghee is prepared using a unique process called ‘slocook’ which functions to retain natural aromatic flavour and keep the essential nutrients intact.

The price of cow ghee is Rs.558 per litre. Ghee is also an aid for weight loss.


  • Quality tests are done at every process while making the cow ghee.
  • This cow ghee is rich in taste and has a distinct flavour.
  • Cow ghee comes in convenient packaging.
  • Premium texture ghee.
  • Pure ghee helps to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Ghee is made from 100% Cow milk.

Which Desi Cow Ghee is best?

According to us, The best cow ghee brand is Amul, and it is the best desi cow ghee.


There are mainly two options for choosing the ghee in India: either it can be from a cow or a buffalo.

A) Cow ghee

B) Buffalo ghee

There are a set of pros and cons attached to each. It is based on your personal choice, but I recommend using Cow Ghee as it has many health benefits.

Most people prefer cow ghee because it is easily digested and contains many vitamins, which provide strength to the body. Cow ghee product is low in fat and keeps your weight in check. 

On the other hand, Buffalo ghee contains high amounts of fats, increasing your daily calorie intake. 

Benefits Of Desi Cow Ghee In Indian cooking

Cow ghee is free from any unhealthy fats and can be consumed daily, making it a super healthy and nutritious product. Below, we have discussed some of the main benefits of cow ghee. 

Fatty Acids

As there are many healthy fats, ghee can be digested easily by anyone and contains a chain of fatty acids that provide nutrition to your body and are an excellent source of energy.

Heart Health

The liver can convert this fat into an energy-giving compound. They are rich in omega 3, which helps to control harmful cholesterol levels and promotes heart health.


Ghee can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant. In fact, it improves your immune system, which further prevents you from getting ill.

Ghee helps to cure malnutrition and provides much-needed vitamin A. 

Eye Power

People who consume ghee daily are at low risk of having cataracts or any related problem.

According to Ayurveda, if the ghee is applied daily around the eyes, it can cause wonders. It can increase your eyesight and strengthen your eye power.

Weight Loss

Did you know that Desi Cow ghee can be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight? We know you may have questions, but little did you know that cow ghee can increase your metabolism and provide Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which will help digest food easily and reduce stomach fat.

This is how ghee helps you in weight loss.


Diabetic people can safely consume ghee as it can lower down insulin resistance and doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils.

Bladder Problems

Ghee is also recommended to patients with Bladder problems or people who have gone through major surgery.

Cow ghee helps to regain the strength which the body may have lost and acts as a healing agent. 


It is vital to do a quality check before buying cow ghee. These are the factors that you must look at while choosing the product.

Check on Authenticity 

There are so many brands available in the market that you might not have noticed. Still many of them are manufacturing vegetable oil in the name of ghee. Do not get confused. This is not pure.

This type of ghee is called Vanaspati, and it is generally hydrogenated form.

It is quite unhealthy as there are many fats, and it does not contain any nutritional value. It may cause harm to your body in the long run and damage one’s heart’s health.

Shelf life of the product

As a consumer, it is your right to know the manufacturing and expiry date of your desi ghee product. Typically, pure ghee has a long shelf life, upto 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

It may be reduced if the jar is opened and kept outside the refrigerator. One should consume an opened jar of ghee within 3-4 months; otherwise, it might get stale. 

Choose the packaging

If you are taking ghee while travelling then we must preserve it in a sealed package. On the other hand, you can buy a tin of 5 litres or 10 litres for big occasions. 

Artificial flavours and preservatives 

It is essential to check the ingredients added to your product and check whether it is pure ghee. Some companies tend to indulge in artificial flavors to enhance the ghee’s overall taste, which in return dilutes the purity.

In addition to that, there may be preservatives in the product, which increases its shelf life.

However, these chemicals can result in putting your health at risk. We recommend you check out ingredients carefully before choosing the product.


We have tried to include everything that was there to know about ghee. There is no denying that it is a supremely healthy dairy product and readily available in local stores.

One may get confused because there are so many brands to choose from. We have reviewed the top 10 competitors of cow ghee, who are best on their own, and have listed their features.

You can compare the prices and pick out the brand which suits your needs. 

One of the most important things that you must keep in mind is that there is no standard nutrition labeling for ghee.

So, it would help if you kept a close eye on the brand you’re buying. It is also essential to check the fat and the calorie content before you buy any top ghee brands in India in 2022.

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