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Orange And Mosambi Fruit

As a child, I have always been confused between two fruits with similar outer appearances that belong to the same citrus family. 

Here, I am talking about Orange and Mosambi, both widely popular in India and consumed in every Indian household. 

These fruits are mostly eaten during summers because of their refreshing nature and rejuvenation properties. 

The Citrus group contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which keep the skin and bones healthy.

Read down below to find out more about these two fruits and their essential properties. 

Why is it necessary to eat Citrus fruit?

Citrus fruits are identified by their thick outer layer and tangy flavour. 

These fruits are primarily found in vibrant colours such as green, orange, and yellow. 

Adding them to your everyday diet has many proven health benefits, such as solid hair growth, protection against cancer, and various breathing problems. [1]

Also, these fruits boost skin health and have strong acids in them. Some of the fruits that come under this group include- lemon, orange, mosambi, and lime. 

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Nutritional value of an Orange per 100g

  • Calories: 62
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Fat: 0 grams 
  • Carbohydrates: 15 grams
  •  Fiber: 3 grams
  • Sugar: 12 grams

Benefits of eating ORANGES

Excellent source of Vitamin C 

Sunlight and oranges are the most natural source of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps prevent deadly diseases such as skin cancer.

Another interesting fact is that an orange has about more than 100% of Vitamin C.

Keeps Blood sugar level and Cholesterol in Control 

Orange is a fibre-filled fruit that can be eaten by people who have Diabetes and provides them sweetness in its natural form. 

It is a safe fruit because it controls the blood sugar level and keeps cholesterol in check. It has a component called fructose that balances insulin production in the body. 

Improves Eyesight

You may have heard, Doctors saying Vitamin A improves eyesight. However true, it is accurate, and the catch is that Oranges are rich in Vitamin A. 

It prevents various eye diseases such as cataracts. This fruit plays a crucial role in the prevention of sudden eyesight loss or night blindness.

Keeps skin glowing and Healthy.

The secret to natural glow on the skin is to have food that is rich in nutritional value. Oranges are packed with dietary fibres and promote skin health.

Oranges are an excellent option to keep your skin young and prevent it from premature ageing. 

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Mosambi is a seasonal fruit and is not cultivated all around the year. It is enjoyed during summers in India and has a tangy taste. 

The main difference between Oranges and Mosambi is their Tanginess

Oranges are primarily sweeter in comparison to Mosambi.  (Mosambi Vs Orange)

Apart from the taste, Mosambi is green in colour and has a yellowish texture when peeled. Since Mosambi is a Hindi word, it is called Limetta in English. 

It is cultivated in the tropical regions of South Asia and remains in high demand during summers. 

Instead of eating this fruit, it is mainly used to make juice. Mosambi juice feels very refreshing and has a distinct flavour of its own. 

Nutrional Value of Mosambi per 100g 

  • Carbohydrates: 9.3 g
  • Sugars: 1.7g
  • Dietary fibre: 0.5g
  • Fat: 0.3g
  • Protein: 0.8g

Benefits of Having MOSAMBI  

Packed with essential multi-nutrients

Mosambi is an excellent source of Calcium, iron, zinc, copper, and Vitamin C. The fruit has no fat components. One can use it to make jams, sorbets, or pickles at home. 

These nutrients help in the robust growth among children and increase their learning capability. 

Improves Immune system

Having a healthy Immune system is a blessing because it helps one fight against viruses and Bacteria. Mosambi is a citrus fruit; therefore, it builds the immune system. 

Helps in Digestion

Regular intake of Mosambi juice helps in proper digestion and controls bowel movements. It contains Flavonoids that cure gastric problems and flushes out harmful toxins from the body. It prevents acidity and provides relief to the stomach. 

Cures Jaundice 

Another fantastic benefit of having Mosambi is that it is considered to be an excellent treatment for jaundice. It improves liver functioning and treats jaundice immediately. 

Benefits the Nervous system 

Mosambi is a very refreshing fruit, and it cures breathing problems such as Asthma. It is beneficial for treating mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

Significant Difference between Orange and Mosambi (Orange Vs Mosambi)

Nutritional value

  • Compared with an Orange, Mosambi has a small amount of fat but is low on sugar. However, Oranges have more amount of sugar.


  • Oranges are most commonly found in saffron or orange colour, whereas mosambi is green in colour. The outer covering of mosambi is thick and can only be peeled with the help of a knife.

Flavour and taste

  • Because Oranges have more amount of sugar, they are slightly sweeter in taste. On the other hand, Mosambi is a bit sour. 

Availability and price

  • Mosambis are readily available in all corners of India and are cultivated in massive amounts.
  • They are definitely the cheaper option. Oranges require specific climatic conditions to grow which may be the reason that it is more expensive. 


In my opinion, one’s health should not be compromised at any cost. So, instead of choosing carbonated drinks and sodas during hot summers, selecting natural beverages such as orange or Mosambi juice is better. 

These fruits are readily available in the local market and are budget-friendly. People from all age groups enjoy the fruits, and along with its refreshing properties, it provides various nutrients essential for growth.  Hope you enjoyed the article on the difference between Orange And Mosambi.



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