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Best Detergents For Clothes In India

Quick Review of The Best Detergent In India

  1. Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent (Best Overall)
  2. Genteel Liquid Detergent (2nd Best)
  3. Ariel Matic Liquid (3rd Best)
  4. Tide Plus (Best Value for Money)
  5. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent (Best for Winter Clothes)
  6. Surf Excel Detergent Bar (Best Handwash detergent bar)

How Did I Research The Top Detergents in India?

To help you select the right detergent, I compiled a list of questions to ask oneself when picking out laundry detergents:

What type of washer do I have? – Detergents are explicitly made for front load and top load washing machines or do you want them for hand wash?

What washer cycle do I use? – Detergents are not designed to clean different kinds of laundry the same way.

– What is my water hardness? – Detergents need certain minerals and chemicals to do their job. They need these minerals and chemicals to dissolve, but too much can cause problems. If your water is too hard, the detergent won’t dissolve properly and more…

Then asked my mother, my grandmother, forums and looked at owner reviews on some sites to compile the list.

Nothing gets clothes clean like the right laundry detergent. The problem is that the best detergents for clothes in India in 2022 depends on what you are washing.

We also have a guide which will help you in understanding it better.

The best detergent for whites probably isn’t the best detergent for delicate fabrics like silk. So we need to remember to use various detergents for different clothes.

Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are hard to clean because they do not absorb water easily. These fabrics can be cleaned using some special detergents.

Basic laundry detergents do the job well enough, and these detergents are relatively low-priced.
Natural detergents have the added benefit of being gentle on your skin.

However, natural detergents don’t work as well as basic ones, so they are not a good choice for washing clothes that need to be exceptionally clean.

Natural detergents also cannot be used with colours that require bleach.

Best Detergents For Clothes In India

Types Of Detergents

Liquid and powder detergents are available with or without bleach. Some detergents contain enzymes that help to remove stains and loosen food particles trapped in fabric fibres.

Liquid Detergents 

The most common laundry detergents are liquid detergents which are the most commonly used laundry detergents in India.

Liquid detergents are also the most popular laundry detergents in India. 

Liquid detergent usually contain enzymes for helping loosen stains and remove odours from your clothes. Usually, we can use liquid detergent for both hand wash and machine washing. 

Liquid detergents contain softeners and bleach to allow you to have cleaner clothes.

Liquid detergents can be used on all kinds of fabrics and are very effective on towels, sofa, and cotton clothes.

Many liquid detergents include a fabric softening agent to keep clothes from feeling stiff after cleaning.

Powder Detergents

The other type of laundry detergent is Powder detergents. They are the most common type of detergent currently on the market.

Powder detergents have a significant advantage because they are less messy and convenient to use than liquid or bar soap. That is why powder detergents are the most widely used in India.

Detergent powder usually comes in a canister to measure out the right amount of powder for each load of laundry. One can also buy big tubs of powder detergent and pour it into the washing machine themselves.

Laundry detergent powder is usually more affordable than liquid laundry detergents.

But, when used incorrectly, powdered detergents can end up costing you more money and can be less effective than liquid laundry detergents.

However, suppose your clothing has many stains, or you are washing delicate fabrics such as silks or cotton.

In that case, it is best to use a liquid detergent. One advantage of using detergents is that they have enzymes to make your clothing smell better.

Wool, silk, and chiffon are all expensive fabrics that need to be handled with care. Wool and silk may attract lint and dirt, while chiffon may wrinkle easily. One can wash all of these fabrics in cold water as they are not damaged by it.

Still, to ensure there is no shrinkage, I advise you to use detergents that do not have an enzyme in them and have a neutral pH.

Also, the detergent powder can remove odours and grime from fabrics without the addition of bleach.

So, in a nutshell, the detergent powder is more effective at removing dirt, while liquid detergents are better at removing stains. 

Liquid detergent vs detergent powder for a washing machine?

When deciding which laundry detergent to use for your washing machine, I think it is best to use the detergent recommended by your machine’s manufacturer. 

However, for most people, using a powdered detergent is just as good as a liquid detergent. But, if you have hard water, you should use a liquid detergent.

Liquid detergents are better than powdered detergents at removing stains from clothes and other fabrics. 

But, liquid detergents can be more expensive than powdered detergents. 

Some people also prefer liquid detergents because it’s easier to apply than the smaller amount of powder in a detergent box.

If you use a powdered detergent, you may need to add extra detergent than what is recommended on the detergent’s packaging.


One can use liquid detergents in washing machines. Still, it would help if you made sure that the detergent dissolves completely in the wash water for the best results. 

Factors to consider when Choosing Detergent for Clothes in India? – Buying Guide

Choosing which kind of laundry detergent to buy can be pretty confusing with all the different types of detergents available in today’s market.

With the many brands and varieties of detergents, it is essential to consider a few things before making your purchase.

The first time you buy laundry detergent, it will probably be at the advice of the brand your mother or grandmother used.

However, with today’s market offering so many options in laundry products, it is good to know what you are buying and why so that you can make an informed decision, next time you buy.


First of all, you should look at the ingredients and check the symbols on the label. When you are purchasing a detergent, it can be hard to assess which one will work best for your clothes.

You can use the ingredient lists to look for explanations of what each ingredient does so that you can see which ones produce cleaning agents for your clothes without harsh chemicals. 


When deciding what type of laundry detergent to purchase, the first thing to consider is the type of washer you have.

There are two types: front-load and top-load washers


Another critical factor to consider is your budget, as liquid detergents are usually more expensive than powdered detergents.


The third factor is whether you want a laundry soap fragrance, which can irritate sensitive skin.


Finally, it would be best to consider the impacts of any detergents you use on the environment.


A detergent’s primary ingredient is a surfactant. The foam produced is known as suds, and the droplets are called lather. 

These suds and lather promote cleanliness when washing. If you’re looking for a detergent without surfactants, don’t bother looking for it because it doesn’t exist.

Type Of Detergent:

It would help if you also compared the types of detergents to see which ones are compatible with your load size. 


What are the best detergents that are safe for my skin?

The right laundry detergent for your sensitive skin depends on your needs. Some products contain a lot of fragrances, which can irritate one’s sensitive skin. Traditional detergents can also cause allergic reactions, so they are not recommended for people with sensitive skin. The best laundry detergent contains virtually no fragrance and does not cause allergic reactions. 
Odourless, unscented detergents can be used safely on the whole family.

Why do front load and top loading machines have different types of laundry detergents?

Front-load and top-loading washers are the most common washing machine types, but they do have slightly different designs. 
The most significant difference between the two is that front-loaders usually have a larger drum size, accommodating more clothes. In addition, front loaders are generally more energy-efficient since they utilize less water. 
Top loading machines usually have a smaller drum size, which can be more cost-effective. In addition, top-loaders typically use less water, requiring more laundry detergent to get the same amount of wash as a front loader.

Can you use top-loading machine detergent in a front-loading washing machine? 

The short answer is no. In top-loaders, using front-load detergent will not have an effect.When you use a top-loading machine, it doesn’t matter which detergent you use.
For a top-loader, either top-load or front-load detergent will work.
 In contrast, you should not use top-loading washing machine detergent for a front-loading washer.
The best way to ensure that your front-load washing machine stays clean is by using a front-loading washing machine detergent.
You might be tempted to use your old top-loading laundry detergent when you first buy a new front-load washer, but it can cause problems in the long run. The foam or lather generated by top-loading laundry detergents may remain in a front loader due to the design of the machine and this leftover foam has moisture which can cause mold, fungus, and bacteria to grow inside.  It is the moisture that causes a lot of the damages.

Why should you go for a liquid detergent?

People often choose powder detergents because of their low cost. Liquid detergents can be expensive. But, liquid detergents have a lot of benefits that make them worth the extra expense.
One advantage of liquid detergent is that it breaks down dirt and stains faster than powder detergent. Liquid laundry detergents are also easier to transport and easier to dispense, making it more convenient for you to wash your clothes either at home or away from home. One can use liquid detergents to clean clothes in various washers, including high-efficiency, front-load, and top and front load washers. Another significant advantage of liquid detergents is that they are more environmentally friendly.

How to Select a Detergent for Baby Clothes?

Some detergents contain ingredients that can be dangerous for babies or cause allergic reactions to their skin. You should check the ingredients before purchasing a detergent for your baby’s clothes.
You should always wash baby clothes separately from other garments in your washing machine. 
Do not add fabric softeners to your baby’s clothes because they can cause skin irritations.
You should choose one specifically made for babies.
Avoid detergents that contain bleach and enzymes because the two may cause allergies in some babies.
You will need a gentle detergent with a pH level of about 5.5 or below.

Top Detergents In India

#11. Pigeon Multifunctional Detergent

Pigeon Multifunctional Detergent

Are you looking for a detergent that’s gentle on your skin and leaves virtually no residue on your clothes?

The last thing you want to do is use an irritant-heavy detergent that will dry out your skin or leave strange residue all over the fabric of your shirt.

Pigeon Multifunctional Detergent has all the ingredients to provide a fresh, clean wash. The ingredients include lemongrass extract to give your clothes that freshly washed smell that never goes away.

Pigeon Lemon Grass is specifically recommended for people with sensitive skin who need their clothes to stay fresh and soft without all the residues from harsher detergents which can be hard on sensitive skin.

It is gentle enough for washing the baby’s clothes. It is alcohol-free and is very mild on one’s hands.

Maximum Storage Period:36 Months
Type:Liquid Package
Weight:1.4 Kg
Machine Use:Yes

#10. IFB Essentials Fluff Top Load Fabric Detergent Fluff

IFB Essentials Fluff Top Load

We all want our clothes to come out of the washer clean and fluffy. We need a detergent that will do the job properly without damaging the clothes or the machine.

The Essentials Fluff Top Load Fabric Detergent is decent for handling all your laundry needs.

It has a neutral pH formula, which makes it very gentle on both clothes and your washing machine. It will not leave any residue in your washer, even when you wash your baby’s clothes.

It is safe to use in top-load machines, maintains the colour of your clothes, and gets rid of stains without damaging the fabric.

You also do not want to buy two separate detergents for washing and softening.

It already has a fabric softener in it, so you don’t need to worry about running out of the house late because you cannot find your softener for that load of towels. Plus, it is made for hard water too.

Machine Friendly:Yes

#9. MamaEarth Plant-based laundry detergent

MamaEarth Plant-based laundry detergent

Choosing a suitable laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes is an important task. The detergent must be gentle and natural and should not contain any harmful chemicals.

It can be challenging to find something that suits your child’s sensitive skin, but mama earth claims to have found the perfect solution.

The main ingredient is neem, which is gentle enough for babies and leaves the clothes smelling fresh.

Plus, it contains natural antibacterial agents which keep your baby safe from any sort of chemical reaction when they come into contact with their clothes after they’ve been washed.

This laundry detergent also includes citric acid, meaning stains are removed easily. There’s no need for bleach or other harsh chemicals.

Washing Preference:Washing Machine

#8. Rin bar

Rin bar

Sometimes, even the toughest dirt and stains are not going to come out of your laundry.

You could try and scrub them for hours, or you could use the Rin bar that is proven to remove tough stains from within your clothes for years.

Rin Bar is made with Bright Clean Technology, which works to deep clean inside your clothes. Rin Bar also lasts up to 24 months, so you won’t have to worry about it running out.

It’s also perfect for removing stains from uniforms or kids’ clothes – especially dirty ones. Not only does it work wonderfully against dirt stains, but it is very dependable.

So, all in all, you get what you paid for with the Rin Detergent bar. It’s cheap, but it is also not as good as some of the higher-priced soap brands.

The soap itself isn’t as effective. It leaves your hands feeling cracked, rough, and too harsh for some more delicate clothes.

This is because it is specially formulated to deal with heavy-duty dirt stains as kids bring home from school.

 Wool and silk are some of the most luxurious fibres you can wear, but they require special care, and we advise you not to use the Rin bar on them.

Quantity:250 g (Pack of 4)

#7. Surf Excel Detergent Bar

Surf Excel

Have you ever had that moment where you have a tough stain on your clothes and think, “how am I going to get this out”?

Often, when confronted with tough stains like tea, coffee, or chocolate, people resort to using bleach or even harsher chemicals.

While both of these options effectively remove tough stains and odours, they are also equally harmful to your clothes. They can create byproducts like chemical residues or bleach spots.

The Surf Excel Detergent Bar is the perfect solution for these cases. It has the power of 4 products combined into 1 bar vinegar, blue (colour), bleach (cleansing), and lemon (odour removal).

Quantity:800 g (Pack of 4 x 200 g)
Form:Soap Bar
Washing Preference:Handwashing

This powerful bar removes tough stains like tea, coffee, and chocolate with ease. All you have to do is soak the stained area for 10-15 minutes with water and then rub in the Surf detergent bar.

However, it is not for handwashing delicate fabrics, and you must rub on the stains a little bit even though it does not require a brush to clean.

If you are on a budget, the Surf Excel Laundry Bar is an excellent option because it is inexpensive, so you do not have to worry about spending even more money on your laundry soap.

However, a downside of this product is that it will not work with more delicate fabrics like silk.

#6. Henko Matic

Henko Matic

I recommend Henko Matic as an environmentally friendly option that is also gentle on the skin and helps with pesky stains. It’s colour safe, too, so you won’t have issues with the colours running or fading.

This new front-load powder is specially formulated to deep clean and soften while leaving behind a fresh scent that will make you feel like you are washing clothes for the first time.

Quantity:3000.0 gram

There’s just one downside…Well, it’s a little bit more expensive than other detergents on the market, which means that it would not be wise to use it every day – but if you can afford to do that, then by all means.

It’s also gentle on your clothes, so they’ll be in excellent condition after even the toughest stains like dirt, oil stains, and mud are removed instantly.

This is a product that can clean your clothes without damaging them.

If you need a new detergent for your laundry, Henko Matic has some great features and benefits that will be sure to make your clothes look as good as new.

#5. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent (Best for Winter Clothes)

Godrej Ezee

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent is a skin-friendly detergent free of heavy fragrances and irritants.

It may seem like a more expensive purchase upfront, but with its long-term benefits, you’ll be happy to have spent the money.

Godrej Ezee comes in a 2-in-1 formula that replaces both your Liquid detergent and fabric sanitizer.

You’ll be able to wash your clothes without having to worry about them looking wrinkled or if they’re going to have lint from previous washes sticking to your clothes.


It leaves behind a wonderful fragrance, is entirely free from harmful chemicals, and can be used on woollen items without fading the quality or damaging the fabric.

Woollen clothing is delicate and needs a unique washing process to ensure it does not shrink, stretch or lose colour.

Whether you’re in favour of a machine wash or hand washing your clothes, this detergent is perfect for you.

It is machine washable, tough on grime, soft on fabrics – and can be used to sanitize as well as clean your baby’s clothes.

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent makes it easy to care for your clothes. With its gentle formula and affordable price, you’ll be able to use it on all of your garments without worry.


  • Leaves behind a wonderful fragrance.
  • Is entirely free from harmful chemicals and fragrances.
  • Can be used to wash woollen items without the need to use a particular process.
  • Is skin-friendly detergent and is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • It may seem more expensive up front, but it pays in the long-term benefits of looking good, feeling good, and staying healthy.

#4. Tide Plus

Tide Plus

Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder (Lemon and Mint), it is Best Value for Money.

Tide Laundry Detergent has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular detergents.

It is safe to say that Tide knows what they’re doing when it comes to laundry detergents.

This powerful detergent is specially designed to tackle even the toughest stains on whites, especially those pesky grass stains, so they come out smelling fresh and clean no matter what.

Tide Plus, with extra power, detergent contains an enzyme formula that helps remove tough stains from clothes, resulting in brighter and cleaner clothes.

Quantity:8 kg
Washing Preference:Handwashing, Washing machine

It also leaves behind a wonderful fragrance after washing. The scented variety is lemon and mint for people who like something slightly different.

It can clean collars and cuffs without a problem.

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent’s enzymes work hard to get deep down into your clothes and remove whatever is causing those offensive smells. It comes in large boxes that last for quite some time.

It is super affordable, and it will save you money for months to come.

Tide Plus is even better because Tide Plus is designed especially for white clothes and deals with coloured clothes, which means you don’t have to buy 2 different laundry detergents.

#3. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent 1 Litre

Ariel Matic

Ariel Matic has been around for years, but now it’s even better. It is a liquid detergent that is specifically designed to remove those tough stains from your clothes. Also, it works well in any type of washing machine – top or front load.

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent is the ultimate solution to all your stinky woes. It has a unique cap that minimizes product wastage, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Plus, it fights stains without allowing colours to fade. Why spend a lot more money on detergent when you could spend a little more money on a better product that will last longer and produce the same great results?

Plus, the fragrance of the detergent leaves your clothes smelling fresh-scented and clean.

Ariel Matic works well on stains caused by food, beer, coffee, oil, and grease.

Machine Friendly:Yes

This product is missing a fabric conditioner. You’ll need to buy one separately since this product doesn’t soften the fabric.

60 ml for Front Load machines and 80 ml for Top Load machines will get your clothes looking like new again in no time at all.

It also comes with a unique cap that prevents spillage, so you won’t be left with a huge mess to clean up after.

Plus, it has cutting-edge technology which tackles tough stains like coffee or tomato sauce.

It conveniently uses a liquid formula instead of powder which is mess-free and easy to pour.


  • Liquid formula is mess-free and easy to pour.
  • Prevents spillage, which means less mess to clean up.
  • Uses cutting-edge technology for tough stains like coffee or tomato sauce.
  • Gentle enough for both top-load and front-load machines, so you won’t have to go out and buy another detergent.
  • Leaves your clothes smelling fresh with a great fragrance.
  • A product that’s been around for years but is even better than before.

#2. Genteel Liquid Detergent (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Genteel Liquid Detergent

Genteel Liquid Detergent has a rich history. It was launched in 1975 by Godrej as India’s first liquid detergent. It is the top choice for families who want their clothes clean, soft and smelling great without chemical residue.

Genteel Liquid Detergent is specially designed to take advantage of the washing machine environment to maximize its performance.

Quantity:1L + 1L (free)
Machine Friendly:Yes
Scent Linen

The unique formulation developed for the detergent, together with its built-in FabriClean technology, produces a perfect wash every time in top-load and front-load machines.

Genteel Liquid Detergent has a no-soda formula that gently cleans without damaging the fabric.

The formula of Genteel Liquid Detergent has been specially designed with fabric conditioners that make your clothes softer and leave them with a long-lasting fragrance.

The fabric conditioner keeps your denim soft and away from abrasion (which can cause more damage), all while being gentle enough for everyday clothing like t-shirts and pillowcases.

The bottle has a measuring cap for ease of use and an ergonomic design for greater efficiency in handling.

Genteel Liquid Detergent is a gentle detergent that gets your clothes clean without harshness. It is a better choice for those who want to maintain the quality of their clothes and who care about what they wear.


  • Genteel Liquid Detergent has a no-soda formula that gently cleans without damaging the fabric.
  • Genteel Liquid Detergent has a rich history. It was launched in 1975 by Godrej as India’s first liquid detergent. It is the top choice for families who want their clothes clean, soft and smelling great without chemical residue.
  • The formula of Genteel Liquid Detergent has been specially designed with fabric conditioners that make your clothes softer

#1. Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent

Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid

Surf Excel is a popular detergent in India. It is most famous for the Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent, which is great for everyday use.

Surf Excel was made for all types of machines, so it does not matter how you use it.

The Surf Excel Top Load Matic Liquid Detergent has the power of enzymes to remove anything your clothes may have been exposed to. It penetrates deep into the fabrics and leaves them bright and clean from top to bottom.

The product’s price will increase if you order a smaller amount, so I would suggest going for the larger quantities. If you’ve been having trouble with tough stains on your clothes, try putting them in a solution of Surf Excel Easy Wash overnight.

Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent is the best choice for you if you have a top-loading washing machine. At the same time, front-load is suitable for front-load washing machines.

Quantity:2 litre
Form:Powder/ Liquid
Machine Friendly:Yes

One should not wash woollen clothes with this cleaner; you will need to use a particular detergent for delicate fabrics.

It does not have a fabric conditioner to make my clothes soft, so you should avoid washing your baby’s clothes.

Information from the Consumer Affairs report shows that the company used high-quality ingredients.

Surf excel liquid is available in both front and top load formats, so you can pick whichever suits your machine better.

 People are always looking for a detergent that is both an effective stain remover and affordable.

The product is designed to be used with a washing machine. 

Quantity: There are two scoops in the bottle, and you need one scoop for 15 to 16 clothes. When the clothes are filthy, use additional detergent.

Tips for better wash :

Soak your clothes in a half-full bucket of warm water with a scoop of detergent.

It would help if you let the detergent soak for a little while before you wash your clothes. It will work better if you do this.


  • You can feel good about using it because it has a high-quality ingredient.
  • It will remove tough stains on your clothes, not just regular ones.
  • Surf excel is available in both front and top load formats, so you can choose whichever suits your machine better.
  • The product’s price will change if you order a smaller amount- I would recommend going for the larger quantities if you want to buy Surf Excel detergent.
  • The product is designed to be used with a washing machine, so there won’t be dirt or debris under the wash wheel.

When it comes to stains, this product works on tough stains like grape juice and tomato sauce without using bleach or fabric conditioners, leading to fading/discolouration of the material. It also does an excellent job of dirt and stains.


I hope you liked my article on the best detergents for clothes in India and could decide on which product to buy.

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