This article talks about the Best Bicycles For Ladies In India.

Bicycles have been there for a very long time. Even though this is the time for electric cars and vehicles, bicycles shall remain the most inexpensive and cost-effective mode of transportation that is sustainable.

For Those in a Hurry

Here are my recommended Top Bicycles for Women that are perfect for busy people:

  1. Mach City iBike W (Best Overall ladies bicycles)
  2. Schwinn Super Sport 3 (2nd Best) (Best Gear Cycle for ladies in India)
  3. Lady Bird Shine 26T (3rd Best)

How Did I Research The Top Bicycles for Women?

I I choose products that I know are good on first-hand experience or by asking around.

Then I let my wife go through each product in ( as women tend to be shorter in height and female riders have narrower shoulders)-depth and take note of every detail possible.

I determine price, point out any flaws, describe the benefits of the product, as well as compare it to other similar products on the market.

So, I compared reviews from a number of online sources, including Amazon, Flipkart.

I then made some calls to different retailers in order to get a better understanding of what types of products are typically in stock at each store and their monthly special offers on these products.

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The basic bicycle helps to maintain the fitness of the people who ride it while not harming the environment in any form.

For women, bicycles have been made especially for them, but one needs to find the right product to help their needs. We present a list of cycles for ladies that will help you choose your favourite one.

List Of The Top Cycle for ladies in India in 2022

#1. Mach City iBike W:

Mach City iBike W

A brand owned by BSA, The Mach city is a fantastic ladies bicycle that has been useful for the daily commute.

A noticeable feature is that the bicycles are well built, but they go on easy in the consumer’s pockets.

Various consumers have different requirements, and therefore to cater to the needs of the consumers, they have been made available in different models.


The ibike W, which comes with a 7-speed model, has a cheaper model without any gears.

These women’s cycles are made using a rigid steel frame without any suspensions. The tyres have a size of 26 inches. The bicycle has been made available with seven gears that have Revo shifters.

The bicycle uses wire brakes and is deemed to be suitable for regular use. It is a good choice as a bicycle for adults.

#2. Schwinn Super Sport 3: best gear cycle for ladies in India

Schwinn Super Sport 3

If riding bicycles is your hobby and you’re looking for a decent one to commute, this one shall come to your rescue.

The Schwinn Super Sport 3 has dials that exceed 29 inches and has been built to cater to the consumers’ comfort without hindering the speed.

With the classic colour combination of black and purple, this bicycle might be on the list of every cycling enthusiast of the country.


The components that have been used to build this product justifies the price. Made using a lightweight aluminium alloy frame, one of the best features of the bicycle is the prevention of rust.

The bicycle consists of 21-speed gears and comes with easy fire thumb shifters.

The tyres have a size of 29 inches, and the rims that have been used on the bicycle have been made using double walled alloy.

The manufacturers have offered a limited lifetime warranty for the frame, a five-year warranty for the fork, a three-month warranty for the chain, and the saddle on the group.

Also, a six-month warranty for the handlebar, the seat post and the stem.

#3. BSA Lady Bird Shine 26T:

BSA Lady Bird Shine 26T

This model by BSA has been loaded with glittering, metallic, and magic components. With no battery included, the bicycle comes with calliper brakes with a PVC.

When the brake lever is squeezed, the brake pads are squeezed together and expressed against the rim of the wheel of the bicycle, which uses friction to slow down the bike.

Consisting of a kickstand with a front basket, a dress guard, and a carrier and having a frame height of 18 inches, the bicycle is a single speeding cycle.

With a wheel size of 26 inches and a rigid suspension, this Bicycle is worth your money, being made of low step-through steel, the frame is worth your money as well.

Avon Sherry 26T:

Avon Sherry 26T

We have all heard about Avon cycles because they have emerged as one of India’s best selling cycle brands.

They have been known for their fancy design and wide range of bicycles for women that cater to every age group.

With the use of cutting-edge technology, backed by continuous research and development, the manufacturers have acquired a great deal of expertise needed to deliver the best bicycles on customer demand.

Sold and serviced by a heavy network of exclusive dealerships, Avon cycles have been made available in all major towns throughout the country.

The accessories of the bicycle include a front basket and a plastic dress guard.

The bicycle has been using calliper brakes and alloy levers. The brake levers allow people to slow down or speed up when they’re riding the bikes.

Having a standard 26 inches tyre, these bicycles are readily available in every store. The bicycle consists of rigid suspension and is a single-speed bicycle that has no gears.

The bicycle consists of a solid frame but is not too heavy, and therefore one can do free movement very easily.

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BTwin Elops 100:

BTwin Elops 100

The French sporting goods retailer decathlon has been growing in the major cities of India.

Having 1500 stores in over 49 countries, decathlon has turned out to be the biggest sporting goods retailer in the entire world.

Owning over 200 Brands, the retailing company has research and development facilities all over the country of France that is used to develop the latest innovative designs, and they register over 40 patents every year.

The French group of decathlon sells bicycles under the trademark of Btwin. Elops is a classic bike, pedal or electric model.

With a reasonable price, with a very high-quality product, the only drawback of the product is that it isn’t available quickly. The repair centre might not be easily accessible.

The single-speed bicycle consists of gears that are easy to handle, having thumb shifters. The front and rear use wire breaks.

Having a frame size of 20 inches, the bicycle is available in black colour and is made up of steel and mild steel.

Huffy Savoy:

Huffy Savoy

This lady’s bicycle from Huffy is quite good looking and a sturdy one. Reasonably good bicycle for daily usage, this mountain bike has 21 gears

You can use this cycle for your daily commute or if you want to ride it around your house or your park.

You should note that this bicycle is one of the very few available mountain bikes.

For women in India the bicycle is in the same price range as that of Mach city I bike. This bicycle can be used by anyone who would want to explore the neighbourhood trails.

By using high-strength steel, the cycle uses Shimano gears and has twist type shifter.

To make a woman’s ride comfortable throughout the trails, it comes with a front suspension. The rims have been made using alloy.

The item weighs 13 kilograms and comes in a medium bike size.

BRAKES: Steel linear pull.

Atlas Ultimate City Diva:

Atlas Ultimate City Diva

The simple and efficient bicycle is the ultimate one for ladies. The bicycle comes in a Sky blue colour that makes it look all the prettier. With a minimalistic look, the bicycle does not have any graphical design.

With an appropriately raised handlebar, the cycle provides an excellent and pretty comfortable riding posture.

Mudguards are recommended to be installed if one plans to have a comfortable ride for the daily commute.

The single-speed bicycle comes without gears, but it consists of wire breaks on the front and rear tyres.

With no suspension available, and a frame made of steel, the tyres are 26 inches, and the rims have been made using aluminium alloy.

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Hero Fashion 26T with Dual disc brakes:

Hero Fashion 26T with Dual disc brakes

Hero is a household name in the country of India and is the largest manufacturer of cycles in the country. Hero cycles is the brand that caters to every type of people being belonging to every age group.

The brand is quite a trustworthy one, and the bicycles are available easily at every nook and corner of the country.

Presently the company exports bicycle to over 70 countries and are recognised by the R & D Department by the Indian government.

The Guinness Book of world records contains the ‘Hero’ company, for being the single largest producer of bicycles.

Other Features

The Hero bicycle consists of dual brakes that ensure maximum safety. It goes easy on the hand, and even with slight pressure, they tend to work correctly.

Having dual storage space, you need not worry about getting extra items and not storing them. The seat is adjustable to suit the needs of the consumers.

The suspension of the bicycle is relatively rigid and has a standard size of 26 inches for tyres. They are not unisex cycles and are designed for Indian women and girls.

Brake type: Caliper.

BSA Hercules LadyBird 26S:

BSA Hercules LadyBird 26S

This brand has been serving consumers for over six decades and has the experience to produce fitness and buy cycle equipment. The ease of riding with BSA, Is incomparable and unparalleled.

The cycle comes with a low step-through frame shape that makes riding more accessible. The bicycle for women is available in the colour purple.

Fit for 12 years and above, the tyres come in the standard size of 26 inches, and the brakes are calliper brakes. Having a rigid suspension, this bicycle has been termed as one of the most comfortable ones.

Hero Aiyana:

Hero Aiyana

From Hero’s house, we have another model, the Hero Aiyana, that consists of a steel frame and a rigid fork. The single-speed bicycle is ideal for commuting, and if you want to jet around your town, this bicycle shall be there to be your companion.

This is an amazing commuter bicycle

Wheel Size26 Inches

We have come to the end of our list of the best bicycles for ladies in India in 2022, and we hope you have made your choice of the bikes by now.

We certainly hope the choice you have made is the right one for you and your needs.