To choose the Best Bicycle Lights in India in the current year, I have listed my Top Recommendations in this article for your consideration.

Day by day, there is an increasing demand for Bicycles as people are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bicycles are the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation, and for safe peddling, you require bicycle lights.

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Most of the accidents happen due to poor visibility during the night.  

Or, if you are a keen bicycler and look forward to adventures, you require some nice bicycle lights. We can also use bike lights for various purposes such as hiking, camping, and mountaineering.

This article is curated to help you choose the best bike lights in India. These are well-researched products; so as to save your time and money. 

So if you’re looking for the best way to stay visible on the road or just want to learn more about cycling safety, then this post will teach you everything you need to know.

List Of The Best Bicycle Lights (India)

#1-Strauss Bicycle Flash Tail Light with Laser (Best Bike Light)


This product has laser beam lights that allow you to ride safely during the night and protect you from accidents.

There are 5 led lights and 2 red laser beam lights, and it Weighs about 0.14 kilograms. The body of this light is made of ABS plastic.

One can use this bike light for up to 36 hours with 260 degrees wider visibility. It operates on 2 AAA battery type. There are 7 different flashing modes that you can choose from, along with 3 bright led bulbs.

This is a tool-free application and user-friendly.


  • The product is created so that the laser will help you locate the road ahead that is subconsciously avoided by other users, which will draw maximum attention.
  • This laser light can work as long as 36 hours relaxing the bike rider because now you don’t have to worry about running out of light.
  • This is a tool-free application and is user-friendly.
  • The price is not much.
  • It sends two dual light lines on the road that ensures a safe distance.


  • The build quality is not so great.
  • It is a fragile product and easily breakable.
  • It may be difficult to mount it onto the back of the cycle.

FASTPED Bicycle Light Mini 018 LED Bike Front Light


This bicycle LED light from Fastped has 5 lighting modes that you can use according to your requirements.

You don’t need any tools for installation. We can easily install it through a strap. The indicator light is easy to use because it is button type.

On the top, even if you remove it, you can use it as electric light, which makes it multifunctional.

It weighs around 400 grams, and the front light makes up for the headlight. This light is anti-rain, and the material is made up of aluminium alloy.


  • Build quality is good, along with a sturdy holder.
  • There are safety improvements, and you can use this light in activities other than cycling, including jogging, running, and hiking, using bikes.
  • It is handy while you are riding alone at night.
  • You can easily customize this light according to the situation.
  • You can mount this light well into a backpack or pocket.
  • Li-Ion battery is included, but not required.


  • The headlights do not work up to expectations. 
  • This is a little expensive.

PRO365 LED Bicycle Light -USB -Rechargeable (PRO365DC918)


This Bicycle light is rechargeable through a USB, which means you don’t require any batteries, saving a lot of effort.

To switch on the device, you have to long-press the button. The battery can last up to 5 hours while flashing and 4 hours while in constant mode.

There are four types of flashing modes– strobe lights, low flashing, flashing, and steady. It is portable and easy to install the light.

Along with a headlight, you will also get a tail bike light which enhances visibility. It is easily mountable and can be fitted with any bike.


  • It has a wide 180-degree beam angle and a COD LED that ensures extra-brightness and road safety. 
  • The light has a blinking feature that alerts the other vehicles on the road.
  • You can use this light during daytime by shifting the lighting mode. 
  • It has 100 lumens output and a battery life that lasts long. 
  • The price range is acceptable.
  • You get two rubber bands that mount the light and ensures a firm grip.
  • Must for road users.
  • My top pick for India.


  • The size is small.
  • The white light does not work well.
  • It is not easy to install and uninstall this light.  

Bulfyss Bike Light and Front Horn- 120 DB 


This bicycle Front Light, Horn, and Back Light from Bulfyss, is a rechargeable light through USB, and it does not require any batteries to operate. 

This is a combo bike light, so you get a front horn and light, which is 120dB and the sound is loud enough to clear out your way. 

The front light is 250 maximum Lumens that is helpful at night and ensures the safety of the rider. The light is easy to install with a 15.4-inch length of button wire; can be mounted at any place of the handlebars.

It only requires 2.5 hours of charge time with a micro USB. It has a bright red rear light that functions through 2AA batteries.


  • This is multifunctional and one of the best bike lights, and the performance of the horn is up to the mark.
  • The front light is super bright and especially helps during the night ride.
  • This is a waterproof light; hence you don’t have to worry while riding in the rain.
  • Battery backup is excellent; while on the high beam, you can use it up to 2.5 hours on full power, on the low beam for 5 hours & 3.5hrs on strobe mode.
  • Another unique feature is its taillight which gives a sporty look to your bicycle.
  • The beam light spreads over 250 degrees which means you will have a more broad field of view.
  • Comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery, if required.


  • The brightness decreases after continuous usage.
  • This is not a sturdy product and is not fit for all types of bicycles or bikes.
  • The durability is not so good.

Techzere Machfally QD001 Front LED Headlight.

Techzere Machfally

The front LED shines bright with 180 maximum Lumens and has Four lighting modes: low brightness, high brightness, slow strobe, and fast strobe. The light is made of fine quality materials such as aluminium and magnesium alloy. 

This is IPX4 waterproof bike light with a max 180lm XPE LED light bead that shines bright during rain and night. The range of lighting is 158m, and the installation comes easy.

It conveniently fits for a 1.5 – 3.5cm diameter tube. The light usually takes 1-2 hours to charge and works well up to 2-6 hours in bright modes, and for strobe modes, it works for around 5-10 hours.

On the top, you can also charge it through USB Port or mobile charger, which has a top USB slot. 


  • The light looks sturdy, and the mounting is great.
  • The product is inexpensive if you consider the quality and specifications.
  • The brightness is unmatchable; the headlight works great with far distance. 
  • This is a waterproof light and helps you during rains.
  • Long-lasting battery life.


  • A little costly in price.
  • The light’s battery takes up a long time to charge.

Uniavo USB Rechargeable Waterproof Cycle Light


This bicycle light from Uniavo comes in a combo that includes a headlight and taillight. It indeed saves your time because it is rechargeable through USB, so you don’t require to change the batteries from time to time. 

It can be charged through USB from your laptop or computer and can be fully charged within 2 hours. The headlights glow with 350 lumens that provide bright light and ensure that you stay safe on the road.

The installation is easy with a one-touch quick-release button; you can mount it very quickly. It can be detached within seconds without any tools. The commuter safety light has a risk-free warranty of up to 1 year.


  • The light helps immensely during nights because of its Ultra brightness.
  • It can be used for various functions and can be converted for multiple purposes: headlamp, camping torch, emergency light, and flashlight.
  • You can adjust 4 lighting modes according to your requirement. 
  • The size is compact and user-friendly.
  • This is not an expensive product, is very affordable.
  • The light beam works well and is visible from a distance.


  • This is a little pricey product.
  • It needs to be charged from time to time.

Machfally QD001 USB Front LED Light

Machfally QD001

This product comes with a Headlight (QD001) and Tail Light (BK200) combo, which is a deal hard to miss.

The brightness is 180 lumens, which seems pretty high, and you have 4 lighting modes for low brightness, high brightness, slow strobe, and fast strobe. 

The colour of the headlight is white. It has a Taillight, which has 6 light modes: high Bright, low Bright, Flashing Mode, Flashing Mode 2, and Flashing Mode 3.


  • This is a decent product that can be used for riding at night.
  • The size is compact and adjusts well on all types of cycles.
  • It looks good and gives an edge to the overall look of the cycle. 


  • This light is not waterproof, so you cannot take the cycle out during rains.
  • One cannot use it for long rides.
  • The durability is not so great.

How To Install Bike Lights

What is a good brightness for a bike light?

I recommend a light with 100 to 200 lumens for cyclists who are traveling through very well-lit areas. It will be ideal for commuters to choose between 200 and 600 lumens for unlit areas.

Thank you for reading our post. These best bike lights are designed to keep you safe and visible on the road.

They are good quality products for trail riding, riding in urban areas, cyclists.

Cycle riders, sports, and performance athletes, and mountain bike cyclists can use these bike headlights and rear lights in India.

Hope you can finally go ahead and buy the best bicycle light in India in 2022.

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