This article will talk about the best aroma diffusers in India in 2022 and will also tell about their features, pros, cons, benefits, and how to use the diffusers.

Best Aroma Diffusers In India

Quick Review of The Best Aroma Diffuser (India)

  1. DT-1508C Allin Exporters Diffuser 4-in-1 (Best Aroma Diffuser Overall)
  2. Dr. Trust Aroma Oil Diffuser and Humidifier (2nd Best)
  3. MINISO Elegant Series Reed Stick Scent Diffuser (3rd Best) (Best For Sensitive Skin and Smell conscious)
  4. Breathefresh electric diffuser (Bonus)

How Did I Research The Top Aroma Oil Diffusers?

To rate the products, I considered mainly two main criteria: effectiveness and quality.

We know that these can sometimes be at odds with one another so to make our decision clear, each criterion is weighted differently in the scoring system.

These are not all the factors that went into my decision process, but they are some of the primary ones.

I researched the best products by utilizing expert reviews, customer reviews, and product information.

For your convenience, I have also included a Guide for Top Aroma Diffusers with this article.

What Are Aroma Diffusers?

  • Aroma diffusers are small devices that release scent from an oil, essential oil, or granules into the air. 
  • In addition to standard diffusers, they can be round, square, or oval – and even come in varied colours (assuming you want something other than white). 
  • Aroma oil diffusers may or may not require electricity; instead, they are activated by heat, like a candle. 
  • Aroma diffusers give off a pleasant smell or fragrances by absorbing water and breaking it down into micro-particles that float into the air.
  • The water is then evaporated, and it disperses its scent into the air. 
  • A mist aroma diffuser releases a fine mist that contains the same scent as a candle. These also allow you to have the option of various scents and how long the smell is to be released.
  • When many people think about essential oils, they think about aromatherapy. Most people are aware of this but are unaware that essential oils can also benefit their health.
  • While some aroma diffusers run on electricity, many models can run by applying heat, through candles or tea lights.  
  • Since the diffuser uses water and essential oils, it is a natural way to deodorize your home or freshen unscented laundry and linens.
  • Inspired by traditional Japanese practices of using hot water and bamboo to create a fragrant mist, modern-day aromatherapy uses small electrical appliances that mix water with essential oils for therapeutic benefits.

Difference Between Diffusers And Humidifiers

Many people think that a humidifier and a diffuser are the same.

Both diffusers and humidifiers are helpful tools to help you breathe easier. Still, once you get into the nitty-gritty, you will see that they are both have a different purpose.

A humidifier helps prevent your house from getting too dry, especially in the winter. 

While both help improve the air quality in your home, a humidifier works to humidify the air.

In contrast, a diffuser works with essential oils to improve the smell of your house. 

While a humidifier will add moisture to the air in a room, a diffuser will add a pleasant fragrance.

Humidifiers will fill the air in a room with water vapour and improve air quality by adding moisture, which can help you breathe more easily and help prevent dry skin and chapped lips.

A diffuser works similarly, but it will add a fragrance instead of adding moisture to the air.

Types of aroma diffusers

There are three types of aroma diffusers available in the market today. They are

  • (1) oil lamp-based essential oil diffusers,
  • (2) heat-based, and
  • (3) ultrasonic-based.

The most traditional type is the oil lamp-based aroma diffuser. The oils are burned inside a metal cup, and the scent of the oil produces an aromatic mist from the heat of the burning oil.

This kind of fragrance diffuser does not need electrical power or batteries to operate. It is available in different shapes and styles.

A heat-based aroma diffuser uses the heat from a light bulb or flame to create mist.

The heat disperses the scented vapour into the air and is maintained at a therapeutic level for both human beings and pets.
This type of aroma diffuser requires electricity to operate.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser has its own unique design. It produces beautiful mist into the air without using any heat source or electricity.

The smoke is delivered into the air using a process of high-frequency vibration using ultrasonic technology. The design of this type of diffuser is usually in the shape of a ball or disk.

The ultrasonic aroma diffuser is also referred to as an electronic nebulizer. 

Here Are The Best Aroma Diffusers In India

#11. Pure Source India- Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Pure Source India

Pure Source India Electric Aroma Diffuser is a small and inexpensive way to make your house feel that much cosier.

The Pure Source Aroma Diffuser delivers on all of its essential functions. There is absolutely no need to worry about any extra features. (there are no LED lights or remote control, or timer).

Simply add your favourite scents, water, and place a candle in the diffuser so it can do its magic.

Key Features

  • With 10ml of aroma and a large capacity water bowl, this diffuser has everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere in your room. You just need to add a few drops.
  • Pure Source India Electric Aroma Diffuser provides an alternative solution for people who need something besides heavier humidifiers or air purifiers.
  •  It’s compact in size and pretty affordable, so it is perfect to fit nicely into your life wherever you go. Use it to purify the air or give off a pleasant scent of your choice.
  • The product is pretty affordable.

Inclusions-10 ML Lavender Aroma oil, One Ceramic aroma burner, 4 Tea candle smock less

Country of Origin– India


Tealight Candle- A tea light candle’s burning time will last for 2.5-3.5 hours.

#10. FnP Ethnic Electric Aroma Diffuser Set

FnP Ethnic

If you want to enjoy the scent all day without using it continuously, this diffuser is not for you.

Net Quantity of Oil10ml
InclusionsDiffuser, 10ml Lemongrass Aroma oil, Extra Bulb

The FnP Ethnic Electric Aroma Diffuser Set comes with everything needed for an aromatherapy session in a small to a medium-sized room – including an extra light bulb if the first one burns out.

Key Features

  • It is more suited for short or occasional uses.
  • It gives an ethnic look to your décor with many colours to choose from.
  • The FnP Ethnic Electric Ceramic Aroma Diffuser set is designed with ceramic. It includes a light bulb that easily blends in with the all room’s decoration to provide you with your favourite aromas when you need them.
  • Plus, this diffuser is easy to clean and maintain, so there’s no hassle involved.

#9. Decor Tribe Enchanted Forest

Decor Tribe

It works as an Electric Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser, Air Purifier, and Humidifier.

Did you know it humidifies the air and soothes dry skin?

The aroma diffuser is safe to use around babies, pregnant women, pets, and kids.

Key Features

  • No worries for 365 days as it comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It’s got a silent operation, and it freshens spaces – perfect for homes, offices, spas, during yoga or workouts. It also has essential oils for relaxation and stress relief.
  • With its 100ML capacity, this diffuser will run up to more than 6 hours at a time on just one filling of water.
  • Suppose you come back from a busy day and forget to turn off your diffuser. In that case, that is no problem because it can shut off on its own, automatically, when it running low on water.
  • It can also help relieve stress by releasing an aroma that has been shown in studies to produce therapeutic effects for the mind and body.
  •  Unlike cheaper models made from plastic, this is made from quality iron art, making it perfect for decorating your home with its artistic design. 

It has a multicolour LED light that can be turned on with or without mist generation depending on where you want to use it.

Plus, it doubles as an essential oil diffuser, humidifier, air purifier & lamp – all in one.

#8. Deerma F300

Deerma F300

It has a 2.5L capacity of water, 360-degree adjustable mist outlet. It is a 2-in-1 Top Fill, and an Ultrasonic Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser.

The Deerma F300 is a decent choice for you. With its easy to fill design, it’s never been easier to maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home.

Plus, it has a 360° rotatable mist outlet so that you can adjust the direction of your mist at any time.

This advanced spray system is specially designed not to wet the furniture while still providing a fine mist that will cover most of the room.

The humidifier automatically shuts itself off when it runs out of water to save it from damage.

It is effortless to use – just fill the tub with water, switch it on, and it will start working. You don’t even need an indicator since there are no LED lights.

It comes with every feature imaginable – including water and essential oil capacity of 2500 ml (or 2.5 L)

Material: ABS Plastic

#7. Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

Urpower Essential

The Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser is both easy and convenient to use, as all you have to do is add your desired water and essential oils, blend into the container, then just turn it on for a stream of mist and aroma. 

The Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser uses a cool-mist humidifier that helps spread a fine mist of water and essential oils throughout the room. In the process, it purifies the air before it gets too stuffy or dry during those cold winter months.

The Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser is a convenient way to create a calming, comforting atmosphere in any size room.

Material Plastic
Included Components 1 Measuring Cup, 1 Charger Adapter, 1 Essential Oil Diffuser.

The Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best budget diffusers.

Plus, it has in-built sensor technology, which automatically shuts off when it’s low on water, so you don’t have to worry about messing up the whole machine because of a spilt drop of liquid.

Available in colours such as green, dark blue, red, yellow, pink, and light blue

There is no provision for it to run on batteries (works only on electricity)

#6. Allin Exporters ABS Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil 

Allin Exporters ABS Aromatherapy

You won’t have to worry about this diffuser getting damaged because it has a simple working mechanism and automatically shuts off if it identifies low water.

Thanks to its whisper-quiet operation, this diffuser is perfect for bedrooms or any room in your house.

Plus, with easy-to-use tactile buttons, you won’t have any problem changing settings or starting it up. It offers a simplified functionality with two buttons: one for MIST and one for LIGHT.

Allin Exporters has created a new Advanced ultrasonic technology that operates on 2.4hz ultrasonic waves to work with natural essential oils and water which is inside it.

Water Capacity100 ml
Warranty6 months 
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

This product is ideal for use inside one’s home, humidifying, purifying, and making your air smell great.

The diffuser has 7 different lamp colours settings. With the diffuser, you can also choose between 3 or 6 hours of mist.

The Allin Diffuser has everything you need so that your home can be comfortable all year round.

The humidifying function releases comfortable moisture into your living space, which makes breathing easier and helps fight off seasonal allergies and dry skin.

included Components: 1 Aroma Diffuser

#5. Tesco Cloud Mist Air Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser With Multi Color Lamp

Tesco Cloud

The Tesco Humidifier diffuses your favourite essential oils throughout the day and night for a long-lasting and aromatherapeutic experience. It also humidifies the air inside so you can enjoy breathing more naturally.

It also has a remote control that can change the light’s colour to blue, green, orange or violet- all without any wires.

You won’t be disappointed with this Tesco humidifier designed for silent operations and will not disturb people living with you.
Tesco also went the extra mile by adding a 60-120-minute timer into this product.

Plus, it has this great multicolour LED light for decoration.

Key Features

  • * Relieve dry throat from dry air.
  • * Diffuse oils for a long-lasting aroma experience.
  • * Helps asthma and allergies without medication.
  • * Comes with a remote control so you can adjust everything on the go.
  • * Ingenious timer function to conserve energy.
  • * Multicolour LED light for perfect decoration.

A warranty for one year is provided.

The only downside to this Tesco product is the high price point.

#4. Breathefresh Electric Diffuser

Breathefresh Electric Diffuser

The company claims that one can relieve their cough, clear their mucus, and release the pressure in their chest with this practical and therapeutic diffuser that uses 5 kinds of soothing essential oils.

The best part? It is a very affordable diffuser, which is why I recommend it to those living in places with high levels of air pollution.

It is safe for children and the elderly alike.

The only downside is that it needs refilling every 4 hours or so and is thus unsuitable for whole night usage.

Net Quantity of Oil20ml
Country of OriginMade In India

Anyone who has ever been in a congested, smoggy city knows how hard it is to breathe sometimes.

This diffuser will help you breathe easier and more deeply. The Breathefresh Electric Diffuser contains antibacterial essential oils—clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and cinnamon.

Key Features

  • This is a high-quality electric diffuser that comes with 2 durable Mirchi bulbs.
  • Safe for children and the elderly alike
  • Needs refilling every 4 hours or so, but can still be used overnight.
  • Relieve cough, clear mucus.
  • Affordable electric-type diffuser, which is why we recommend it to those living in places with high levels of air pollution.
  • It will help you breathe more comfortably and more deeply because of the antibacterial essential oils—clove, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon; it contains cinnamon oil as well.

#3. MINISO Elegant Series Reed Stick Scent Diffuser Delicate Lavender Fragrance White

MINISO Elegant Series Reed Stick

This Miniso reed stick diffuser is the ‘bestseller’ in Amazon in the Scented Oil Diffusers category when writing this article.

Reed stick diffusers provide a natural and healthy way to stimulate the atmosphere in any room of your house or office.

With modern fragrances like lavender, spearmint, Citrus, Bergamot and Pine, you’ll enjoy more than just air freshening advantages from these calming scents.

So whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or just trying to find the perfect gift for someone with sensitive skin, this product is our Recommendation No.1.

Key Features

  • Eliminate odour from the air naturally and safely with essential oils or fragrances.
  • A safe, non-toxic diffuser is perfect for giving your indoor air a fresh smell.
  • Fresh Lavender reed diffusers help calm nerves and make it easier to sleep.

How To Use

Simply follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Unscrew the glass bottle, put the reed sticks into the glass bottle and place them on every platform.
  2. They will slowly begin to release scents as they emit aroma through the reed sticks.
  3. Be sure to use 5-6 reed sticks at a time, and if you think that isn’t enough, add a few more later.

The company claims that the liquid in the bottle lasts around 45 days, but in my view, it usually lasts for about 15-25 days.

At the time of writing the review, refills are not available.

Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight320 g

#2. Dr. Trust Home

Dr. Trust Home

Dr. Trust aroma oil diffuser and humidifier is the perfect addition to your living or workspace. Designed with water and oils, it’s a powerful humidifier that can also act as a diffuser when you need it.

The oil diffuser is pretty easy to set up and comes with the ability to choose between 3 different colours– merely fill the tank with water, press the button once and watch it choose from light orange, pink, or violet.

Key Features

  • Press the On/Off button and then you will find the appliance starts to emit mist for one hour by default.
  • When you operate in time mode, it emits a mist for some time.
  • When you press for the third time, it will set the mist spray for a time of 3 hours. The fourth press will set six hours of mist spray.
  •  A humidifier is perfect for small spaces like offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. Its easy refilling design means you won’t need to buy a new one anytime soon, thus saving you money.
  •  This unique product offers the functionality of both a diffuser and a humidifier.
  • It works great in Spa, Luxury Home and Office.
  • As an air purifier, it removes potentially harmful particles like dust and allergens from the air so you can breathe easier and cleaner.
  • Plus, its ultrasonic technology means it’s super quiet when working. So you can sleep without any noisy distractions at night.
  • With a large capacity tank to hold water, this humidifier is perfect for any household. It has the power to ensure you’ll never have dry or chapped skin.


You’ll also be pleased to know that this product comes with 6 months of standard warranty on faults and other issues.

Register on the manufacturer’s website within 15 days of purchase, and you will get free coverage for six more months.

The Dr Trust Luxury Cool Mist Dolphin Humidifier can provide a range of benefits, such as increased moisture for dry skin. 

In summary, this is the best humidifier available at a reasonable low price. It is not too expensive and does everything that it should do. I really recommend this product to everyone who needs a good humidifier for home or office use.

#1. DT-1508C Allin Exporters

DT-1508C Allin Exporters

 Suppose you want a diffuser and humidifier built to last. In that case, Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a perfect choice.

Its 7 different coloured lights will give your room sparkle without being too bright while diffusing your essential oils.

Warranty6 months
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Included Components 1 Aroma Diffuser

 It is an ABS Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil. It has an 4 in 1 action as it can Purify, Ionize, spread perfume and Humidify.

The product is small. It is smaller than my palm (I have medium to big hands).

The container for water is small, too.

The DT-1508C Essential Oil Diffuser from Allin Exporters has 4 different modes, so you can enjoy the aroma of essential oils in whichever way suits you best.

Key Features To Be Mentioned

  • It’s easy to use and features an automatic shut-off mechanism that makes it safe for long-term use with no fear of burning out.
  • 4-in-1 functionality of essential oil diffuser, humidity/air purifier or night light.
  • Say goodbye to dry skin, breathing issues, horrible smells, and stale odors.
  • Whisper-quiet and safe for rooms with children or older adults.
  • It features Advanced ultrasonic technology that relies on 2.4 MHz ultrasonic waves to work with essential oils and water.
  • Using natural essential oils with water, this device purifies and humidifies the air at the same time. You can even use it for sleep and stress relief.

The Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is made from the highest grade of ABS plastic to make it safer and more durable, as well as a quiet operation so you can enjoy all of its benefits day or night.

Which is the best Aroma Diffuser India?

According to us, the best Aroma diffuser (India) is the DT-1508C, 4-in-1 Allin Exporters Diffuser.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Aroma Diffusers? [Buying Guide]

The most crucial factor to focus on when you buy a diffuser is to consider what you really need.

Check if the product works for your home. You are just beginning to know what diffusers are and how they work.
There are the following things that you need to consider before buying one.


Determine whether your favourite aroma oil will complement the diffuser you decide to buy. 

This will ensure you have the best aromatherapy experience. 

Price : 

It is essential to consider the cost of aroma diffusers. There are a lot of products out there that come at different prices.

It would help if you considered the price of each one so you will not get surprised once you pay for the item.

You can even ask yourself how much you are willing to spend to meet your expectations during your purchase. Also, consider the price of aroma oil.


Consider how much money you are ready to spend on a diffuser. You need to determine your budget, so you will know if an expensive item will benefit you or not. 


Consider choosing from a wide range of diffusers available in the market. Make sure that you choose the one that perfectly fits your space. 

Mist Settings:

It is essential to consider how many mist settings a particular diffuser has. 

If a diffuser has more than one setting, it will be easier for you to use it and control the amount of mist that comes from the diffuser.

If the diffuser has fewer settings, you cannot control the amount of mist that comes out of the diffuser. 

Humidify and Purify your air:

It is essential to consider if a specific diffuser can humidify the air as well.

The atmosphere is usually arid, especially during the winter seasons. It is necessary to humidify the air to maintain its quality.

So, make sure that you buy a diffuser that can humidify your air. You will get the benefit of both- a diffuser as well as a humidifier.


When buying diffusers, it is essential to consider whether it has low wattage and operates on a standard electrical outlet or has a USB/DC adapter.

Automatic Shut-Off:

Check if the diffuser has an automatic shut-off feature. The automatic shut-off feature will help you control how long you will use the diffuser. 

Best Sellers On Amazon /Other sites:

Before buying a diffuser, consider if it is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It is crucial to buy from brands that have a good reputation for selling high-quality products. 


  1. Ensure that you are using the product in a secure environment.
  2. Always check if the product has safety features so you will not get injured when using it.
  3. Consider if it has an overheat protection feature and other safety features to safeguard your health.


Before buying a diffuser, consider how long it lasts. A good diffuser should be able to last for at least 3 years or more than that.

I hope after reading the post you could understand the benefits, all the features of the best aroma diffusers in India in 2022.

What Are The Benefits Of Aroma Diffusers?

Modern-day aromatherapy users find a multitude of different ways to use an aroma diffuser in their home.

Primarily the essential oil diffusers are used for

1) Aroma oil diffusers along with affordable perfumes provide an easy and inexpensive way to change the entire mood of any room in your house.

Whether you are looking for a calm, more soothing environment or a more uplifting, rejuvenating one, this is kind of a perfect solution for everyone.

2) These diffusers can go anywhere. They are portable. At a gathering, they are the perfect addition to make anyone feel more relaxed. If you want a place where you can enjoy your favourite scent at home, according to me this is the answer.

3) Aroma oil diffusers help relieve tension by bringing about a sense of peace and relaxation in your day. They do help in reducing stress and anxiety.

4) These diffusers are cost-effective, and they last a long time. If you use less volume of essential oils, you might find that they last even longer. Most of them have a compact size and do not require a large space.

5) They work in any weather condition throughout the year.

6) The device is pretty safe and does not have any harmful chemicals in them. All one has to do is add their chosen essential oils in the right quantities, and they will diffuse the scent into the air. 

7) These aroma oil diffusers allow the essential oil to stay fresh for a long time. They have a glass container that helps trap the oil away from air and moisture, and doesn’t let the water evaporate quickly. 

8) Diffusing essential oils into the air can help remove scents in your home, especially at night time. They work to reduce odours from cooking, pets, and other odours that might be lingering in your room.

9) They are great for use with anyone’s favourite essential oils. You can choose from many different essential oils to create an even more personalized experience for your home or office.

10) Essential oils have been proven to help you feel better when you breathe them in. Several studies have shown that these products can help one treat allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems and improve their overall health.

11) These products are available in many different materials like glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and more.

They differ in size and shape. Some have a bottle that contains all the essential oil, while others have a small compartment to let out fresh air.

12) These diffusers are not just for use in the home. You can use it at work to help keep everyone more relaxed in the office.

How to use and Maintain an Aroma Diffuser?

Aroma diffusers are relatively simple to use. Just choose your scent, add water or oil (we should dilute the essential oils in oil or water), and plug it in.

It is as straightforward as that.

Here are some steps on how you can get the most out of them:

Buy a diffuser with enough capacity – these devices usually come in 10, 16, 26, or 32 (around 950 ml) sizes. 

If you’re buying a scented candle or reed diffuser, choose the one with a large capacity.
If you’re using essential oils, you want to make sure that your diffuser can hold the amount of water or oil you need.

Use a white noise generator – they can help cover up the sound of running water and prevent dripping noises from disturbing others.
This is actually not required as running water sound is quite calming.

Cover it with a towel – In case of spills, simply drape the towel over the top of the diffuser to keep the area safe.

Check it frequently – depending on how long it’s been running, as well as how full it is.

Be sure to clean it regularly – after about a week of use, simply remove the device from the outlet, unscrew the lid, and clean the inside with a cloth. 

Be very careful not to pack it or place oils in it that could damage other materials. One should clean the diffuser periodically for the best results.

Add more water or oil – if necessary, removing excess water or oil can also help prolong the diffuser’s lifespan.

Keep your house clean – many diffusers have an option to turn the scent off for times when you don’t need them.

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