Nail cutters are an essential tool for removing or clipping nails and also for trimming them. Sometimes, they can also be a must-have to remove acrylic nails. With so many nail clippers out there, it is hard to figure out which one is best suited for your needs.

That’s why we have created this article on the Best Nail Cutters in India in 2022 that contains a list of some of the most popular nail clippers that you can purchase, along with reviews and ratings from their users.

Best Nail Cutter In India

Quick Review of The Best Nail Cutter In India

  1. Vega Nail Clipper (Large) (Best Overall)
  2. Beauté Secrets Nail Cutter (2nd Best)
  3. GUBB USA Nail Cutter Set (3rd Best)
  4. GOCART Newborn Baby’s Safety Nail Clipper and Scissors (Best For Kids)
  5. Leegoal Toe Nail Clipper (For Ingrown or Thick Toenails) (Good for Diabetics and Seniors)

How Did I Research The Top Nail Cutters In India?

Various factors, including quality, price, and user satisfaction, were considered when comparing these products.

I started with these pre-determined criteria.

My decision-making process began by reviewing all products at a variety of retailers and taking into account these predetermining criteria. Over the years my family has collected only top nail cutters/clippers, so their and my experiences were also taken into account.

Then, I examined the customer reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, and forums.

The 12 Best Nail Clippers In India

#12. Truvic Perfect Nail Cutter/Clipper for Men & Women

Truvic Perfect

The Truvic Nail Cutter. It is just like your old nail clippers, only better. Truvic offers an elegant design and also features a non-slip rubber for a firm, strong grip, stainless steel parts, and a precision blade.

I think that there is no reason you should compromise on the style. You will find that this Truvic cutter leaves nails looking clean with every cut.

  • It’s made of stainless steel and latex and comes in various colours so you can find the one you love. It is ultra-lightweight, easy to hold, and has a precise cutting action.
  • The built-in nail file means you can trim your nails to perfection without any hassle.
  • And because they are made from high-grade steel, they are guaranteed to last long.
  • They are extremely comfortable.
  • Available with a durable, high-quality cover, as told by one of the buyers from Amazon.


  • It’s made of top-grade steel.
  • It features a built-in nail file.
  • Precision blade for clean, perfect nails each time.
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to grip design lets you cut nails with ease.
  • The latex coating means a no-slip grip, which is a small but important detail when dealing with sharp blades.
  • Comes in various colours.

#11. Leegoal Toe Nail Clipper (For Ingrown Nails or Thick Toenails)


The most accurate way to trim your fingernails is to cut them at an angle. Unfortunately, not all clippers allow you to do this, making the process difficult and time-consuming.

Leegoal’s Toe Nail Clipper has a blade that anyone can open one inch wide, is perfect for seniors and men/women of all ages. It also has a double spring design which means the rollers will last longer.

This heavy-duty stainless steel leegoal Toe Nail Clipper is designed with a long handle for easy use.

Material: ABS + stainless steel

  • Leegoal Toenail Clipper blade is long and durable, stainless steel which means it won’t rust.  
  • It is made from durable ABS resin and stainless steel while remaining lightweight and is very comfortable. Also, one shouldn’t worry about it slipping out of your hand because the non-slip handles ensure a firm grip every time, and this tool tends to slip.
  • It is perfect for people with diabetes who have fungal nails and need their nails carefully clipped to avoid infections from bacteria entering the skin.


  • Accurate, perfect for seniors and people of all ages.
  • The blade is 1.5 inches wide, making it easy to clip your nails evenly.
  • Double-spring design means the rollers will last longer – it is heavy-duty.
  • Sleek, lightweight design at under 3 ounces (85 grams).
  • Non-slip handles ensure a firm grip every time.
  • Blade made from durable ABS resin and stainless steel while still remaining lightweight; not prone to rusting or loose blades (perfect for diabetics).
  • Easy to use with a long handle for senior comfort.

#10. DOCOSS- Comes in a Pack Of 2-Quality Gold Nail Clippers


The DOCOSS GOLD Fingernail and Toenail Cutters are high-quality nail clippers designed for those looking for an easy-to-use, time-saving cutting experience.

  • The DOCOSS fingernail and toenail clippers are crafted with high precision. They comprise of sharp blades that will help you achieve the perfect nail shape.
  • They also have a compact size the best ergonomic nail clippers design, so both children and adults can use them efficiently.
  • This heavy-duty nail cutter has been carefully constructed using durable stainless steel, ensuring that it will last for quite a while.

Item Weight: 110 g

The Clippers feature a unique design with comfortable grips perfect for cutting nails of all sizes. The cutters along with the best foot scrubs, is all what one needs for their footcare.


  • Rustproof.
  • Made of durable stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to use and has a secure grip.
  • Have a clean cut every time with sharp, precision blades.
  • The perfect size for adults and kids alike – so all the family members can use it.

#9. Kai Japan Nail Cutter- Yellow

Kai Japan Nail Cutter

This Nail Cutter is a perfect way to maintain healthy, clean nails. It’s lightweight, unisex, and easy to use.

  • Kai Japan’s blade is made from high carbon stainless steel that is quite durable and stands up to everyday wear and tears better than cheaper materials.
  • But the Kai cutters are still sharp enough for clipping. The finely etched file gently shapes the edge of the cut, allowing for precision without any roughness. This quality everyday grooming nail cutter has been made in Japan.
  • It’s also got a unique design with an attachment that collects all the nail chips, so they don’t fly all over your hands and desk.

Item Weight: 250 g


  • Lightweight, comfortable grip, and easy-to-use nail cutter.
  • The blade is durable yet sharp enough to do the trick.
  • Made of Carbon Steel.
  • Unisex.
  • Made in Japan or Vietnam.

#8. Beauté Secrets Stainless Steel Toenail or Fingernail Clipper/Nail Nipper

Beauté Secrets Stainless Steel Toenail

Manicure sets are great for when you want to treat yourself to a well-deserved pampering session. Still, it is hard to find the one with all the tools you need and is made of quality materials.

Beaute Secrets’ manicure set is both stylish and practical and great for your manicure needs.

  • It includes 15 different manicure instruments such as clippers, nail scissors, cuticle pushers, and more. They are made out of rustproof carbon steel.
  • It comes in exquisite packaging. The case is made of synthetic leather. It’s sleek, stylish, and functional. And it has a push button that makes opening the case easy.
  • Sometimes you need to cut your nails but don’t have the time (or the tools) to find them. And because they’re lightweight and conveniently small, it’s easy to slip these into your bag or purse while travelling and never have to worry about them getting lost.
  • The cutters are an ideal gift too.

The Beaute Secrets 15 piece manicure set is designed for people who take their grooming seriously and want to make sure they have everything they need on hand to maintain their cuticles, nails, and hands.


  • Comes with a stylish case that is easy to open.
  • Manicure set has everything you need for a home pedicure.
  • Made of high-quality materials and designed to last.
  • This 15 piece manicure set is perfect for grooming.
  • It is made from black steel.
  • Comes with a Handy leather case.

#7. Scholl Nail Clipper

Scholl Nail Clipper

Scholl’s Nail Clipper is made specifically for trimming toenails because of its ergonomic design, which provides better control than other standard models. Having both sturdy stainless steel blades and a convenient plastic case for collecting clippings, it is perfect for cutting tough or thick nails precisely with the safety of an easy-grip handle.

The Scholl Nail Clipper is the best choice for people who find it hard to trim their thick nails. The sharp blade makes light work of even thick nails but will still gently go over thin ones without hurting them.

It is specially designed with a small cavity that will collect all the nail clippings.

So you don’t have to worry about your floor, and it’s a high-quality stainless steel nail clipper, so it is resistant to wear and tear from falls or impacts hard surfaces.


  • Ergonomic design provides better control.
  • A sharp blade makes trimming tough, thick nails a cinch.
  • Small cavity collects nail clippings for easy disposal.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel resistant to wear and tear from falls/impacts on hard surfaces.

#6. Bare Essentials Nail Clippers Combo

Bare Essentials Nail Clippers Combo

Chances are you’re looking for a reliable nail clipper.

The combo of Bare Essentials nail clippers has everything you need to keep your nails tidy and trim. The 57cm nail clipper is perfect for when you’re at home, while the 8cm one is excellent for when you’re on the go.

  • The Bare Essentials Nail Clippers are classic clippers, perfect for those who like simple, durable products. They’re made from stainless steel so that they won’t rust or break easily, and they provide enough force that you’ll be able to cut even thick nails with accuracy.
  • If you’re always on the go, this is also a great option as it is lightweight.

I know it may not look great, but it does what it should do well – cutting fingernails with precision.

Components: Nail Clipper, Travel Nail Clipper


  • Made from stainless steel to ensure durability.
  • Has enough force to cut even thick nails with precision.
  • Ideal for at home or when you’re on the move.
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry around in your handbag or pocket.

#5. Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

These baby nail scissors are made with stainless steel for safety. They have curved blades with rounded ends to ensure a safe and smooth trimming experience. The Chicco comes with a cover to keep the blades clean when not in use, and as per user reviews, they should work until your child is about two years old.

  • This pair of scissors has been specifically designed for parents to use on their babies and toddlers.
  • Baby nails grow really fast, and these sharp Chicco Baby Nail Scissors will cut through them quickly with less stress on the hands.
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • They are suitable for newborn babies.

Item Weight: 31.8g


  • Specially designed for use on babies and toddlers.
  • Curved blades with rounded ends provide for a safe, smooth, and shiny nails trimming experience.
  • Chicco comes with a safety cover to keep the blades clean when not in use.
  • Made of safety-high grade stainless steel, these scissors will work until your child is about two years old (roughly).

#4. GOCART Newborn Baby’s Safety Nail Clipper and Scissors

GOCART Newborn Baby’s Safety Nail Clipper

If you have ever struggled with cutting your baby’s nails, then you’ll LOVE this set. It includes all the tools you need, and they’re perfect for right-handed and left-handed parents. The nail cutter is advised for babies from 3 months old up to 10 years of age.


The GOCART Newborn Baby’s Safety Nail Clipper/Scissor Tool Set features everything you need for trimming your little one’s nails.

  •  It includes nail clippers, nail scissors to trim nails, and also tweezers to remove small objects from the nose without despairing about hurting the baby.
  • It’s essential to keep your baby’s nails short because they are sharp, and babies can scratch their faces.
  • These nail cutters are specially designed with a safe grip that makes it easier and painless to trim those tiny nails.

Country of Origin is India

Item Weight 80 g,

Inclusions- 4 Pcs/set-Baby Nail Clipper, Safety Scissors, Tweezers, Nail File and Newborn Child Nail Care Tools.

Disinfect in hot water after using and keep it dry and clean.

GOCART’s baby nail clipper and scissors are a great way to save your money while still getting the job done.


  • Easily cut your baby’s nails.
  • Specially designed with a safe grip.
  • You’ll also find other safety tools, such as nail files and nose tweezers.

#3. GUBB USA Nail Cutter Set


With GUBB USA’s new nail cutter, you will have a toe nail clipper and a finger nail cutter for women, kids, and men.

The GUBB Nail Cutter Set is perfect for both everyday use and travel. It includes two different sizes, small and large, so they are sure to provide the right cut. Plus, they are made from stainless steel that will prevent rusting, so you never have to worry about your nail clippers deteriorating for years to come.


  • It comes with one finger cutter and one toe cutter so that you can trim your nails from both ends. Your fingernails and toenails will look beautiful and well-groomed without any hassle.
  • The GUBB Nail Cutters are sharp and precise; they will fit even the most rigid nails without getting stuck or breaking the skin.
  • You’ll find that the GUBB USA nail cutter set for Men, Women, and Kids is a necessary addition to your home or salon.

Item Weight: 50 g

Does this have a nail file on one side? No

Also, please remember they do not have a nail file on either side.


  • Perfect for both everyday use and travel.
  • Stainless steel will prevent them from rusting, so they’ll last you for years.
  • Sharp and precise, the GUBB Nail Cutters will fit even the toughest of nails without getting stuck or breaking your skin.
  • A necessary addition to any home or salon.
  • Comes with one finger cutter and one toe cutter so you can trim your nails from both ends.

#2. Beauté Secrets Nail Cutter or Clippers (With a Curved Nail File)

Beauté Secrets

It’s very frustrating when you’re looking for a nail clipper and can’t find the right one even after scanning through dozens of options. Basically, one gets a nail trimmer made from stainless steel, a toenail, and a fingernail clipper cutter in one.


  • This Beaute Secrets nail clipper can be used for fingernails and toenails alike, making it ideal for either hand. The 3mm blade is sharp enough to deal with tough nails in a single clip.
  • There is also a handy and convenient nail catcher, which one can remove easily to collect all your clippings.
  • It’s made of durable zinc alloy and stainless steel for long life and clean cut every time.
  • The long and wide handle is designed specifically for people who have trouble gripping smaller handles because it offers more control. While the ergonomic design ensures these clippers feel steady in your hands when cutting even the most petite fingertip nails.
  • The Beauté Secrets Nail Cutter Clippers with Curved Nail File grips well and has a sharp tip for easy clipping, which is helpful to all when handling their nails.

Item Weight: 215 g

Included Components: 1 Pcs Nail Cutter


  • Durable zinc alloy and stainless steel construction.
  • Long, wide handle for easier gripping.
  • Ergonomic design ensures the clippers feel comfortable in your hand.
  • Designed for regular or hard-to-handle fingernails/toenails.
  • Sharp blade for easy cutting of tough nails with one clip.
  • Larger nail catcher design to collect all clippings easily.

#1. Vega Nail Clipper (Large)

Vega Nail Clipper (Large)

The top-ranked large nail clipper in this list is the Vega nail clipper or cutter. 

Vega Nail Clippers are beautifully made nail clippers with a quality build and ergonomic handle for the best cutting experience. Also, it cuts big and the thickest nails easily.

It also cuts young kids’ nails without any problems. The clipper’s build quality is excellent, and it has a good grip for someone with large hands.

  • What makes these nail clippers great is that they are super easy to use. Whether you’re doing your manicure or pedicure, you can rely on these sharp blades for clean cuts every time.
  • When it comes to nail clipping, nothing beats Vega for sharpness and precision. It’s got a chrome finish that is quite attractive and easy to maintain.
  • The handle’s design has an angle to help with the cutting, and the curved jaw ensures that you will make a clean cut.

That is why I have to say the Vega Nail Clipper is the perfect clipper for your nails.

Item Weight: 50 g

What’s in the box- 1 Nail Clipper


  • Cut big or thick nails quickly.
  • Quality build and ergonomic handle.
  • Chrome finish–easy to clean and maintain.
  • Curved jaws ensure a clean cut for an even clip every time.
  • One size fits all.
  • One can use it for kids.

Vega nail clippers are different from any other clippers you’ve used before. Even though Vega is great for fingernails, its small-mouthed blade is comfortably suited for toenails too.

You cannot go wrong with this premium-looking chrome-finish nail cutter that is not at all expensive. Vega has earned its position as the best nail cutter.

Which company nail cutter is best?

Well, according to my research Vega Company’s large nail clippers are the best.

What is the best tool to cut toenails?

According to me Nail cutters or clippers are the best way to cut toenails.

In Conclusion

Well, this was my list for the best nail clippers in India in 2022. Hope you found the best nail cutter as per your requirement.

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