Exercising at home has become increasingly important since the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. We need to stay healthy and strong.

This guide was designed to help you decide which is the best elliptical cross trainer in India in 2022 for you. 

In this article, I will also give you,

  • My Top Recommendations,
  • Some points to consider before purchasing a top elliptical cross trainer,
  • How I selected the Best Elliptical Cross Trainers For Home Use.

The elliptical cross trainer is an essential piece of exercising equipment used for cardio training, like stair climbing, walking, or running.
It is the perfect addition to your home gym, or at least the best way to start one.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer In India

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Quick Overview of The Best Elliptical Cross Trainers For Home Use In India

  1. WELCARE WC6020 (Best Overall)
  2. Cockatoo CE03 ADVANCE (2nd Best Cross Trainer)
  3. Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer (3rd Best)

How Did I Research The Top Elliptical Cross Trainers?

The top elliptical cross trainers in this list were discovered via meticulous research to find the best products currently available, with customer reviews and manufacturer quality as key considerations.

I began by gathering a large pool of all possible choices and then reviewed every possible model under varying price ranges.
Then narrowed them down to the models that offer the best mix between quality and value for money.

This means that some low-priced items will not be included if they’re too poorly rated or have negative reviews.

The final list of the 10 best elliptical cross trainers consists of products that offer great value for money and are top-rated in several customer reviews.

To review the top elliptical cross trainers, I had to identify things like quality, attributes, performance, and also some discerning factors to separate the best products from average or bad ones.

Adding an Elliptical Cross Trainer to your life will bring a lot of benefits like: 

  • Boosting your stamina.
  • Comprehensive cardio workout. 
  • Burning calories and fat. 
  • Works out the upper and lower body.
  • Improves the balance.
  • Lower impacts on the joints. 

Putting an Elliptical Cross Trainer together might seem like a complicated task at first. But we live in the era of the internet. Even if the instructions aren’t clear enough, there is always a video online that will make things easier. So, do not use this as an excuse to get one.

Elliptical Cross trainers are designed for low-impact cardiovascular exercises. They have been around since 1990 and are more prevalent in western households. 

Most models are made to work out our upper and lower bodies. They can be mechanical, meaning you have to use your legs’ strength to move the pedals or be powered by electricity.

The market is flooded with models from different brands, making the process of picking the right one daunting and exhausting. 

Luckily, I have made an Elliptical trainer Buying Guide Here.

Top 10 Best Elliptical Cross Trainers in India

#1. WELCARE WC6020 Elliptical Cross Trainer (Best Cross Trainer) 


Welcare is one of the leading manufacturing companies for exercising equipment in India.

Their products have been specifically designed for the Indian market. They are an excellent choice if this is the first time you are purchasing an Elliptical Cross Trainer. That is why this is our top choice. 

Key Features: 

  • Free Installation. Available in certain cities only.
  • Large LCD digital display monitor.
  • 7kg flywheel.
  • The stride length is 18-inches.
  • 8 resistance control levels.
  • 3-point cranking system.
  • Total weight 90kg.
  • Total area 13” x 19” x 6.25”.
  • 1-year warranty. 
  • Heart rate monitor.

The Welcare WC6020 is one of the most popular models made by the brand. One thing that makes this model unique is its free installation policy in more than 100 cities in India.

Another excellent feature is its incredible stability, thanks to the 7-kilogram flywheel it comes with. It also provides high levels of comfort and makes the workout session seems effortless. 

Thanks to the large LCD digital touchscreen display, you can monitor all the critical aspects of your workout session, like distance, heart rate, speed, and burned calories. 


  • Quick and easy to put together, thanks to the free assistance provided by the company.
  • Large LCD screen digital touchscreen display.
  • Easy to move around.


  • The maintenance guide is incomplete.
  • More Expensive than other models with similar features.
  • No automatic resistance control level.

#2. Cockatoo CE03 ADVANCE Smart Series- Elliptical Cross Trainer (2nd Best)

Cockatoo CE03

Our second-best pick for our best elliptical cross trainer guide is the Cockatoo CE03 ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer.

It is manufactured by Cockatoo, a renowned physical fitness equipment company in India. This model comes packed with all sorts of highly advanced features you won’t find on any other model at this reasonable price range. 

   Key Feature:

  • 6 kg Flywheel.
  • Weight limit 120 kg.
  • LCD digital touchscreen display.
  • 8 Resistance control levels. 
  • Anti-slip pedals.

The fitness equipment manufactured by Cockatoo is among the top choices for professional and in-home gyms across India.

The product’s biggest highlight is its LCD touchscreen monitor. It displays all the necessary information about your workout session, like time, speed, heart rate, distance, and burned calories. It also lets you plan your exercise routines.

The 6-kilogram flywheels provide the CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer with incredible stability and balance to perform your workout sessions with ease.

The weight limit is up to 120 kilograms and a height of 195cm, fitting for the Indian market. The magnetic mechanism ensured a noise-free exercise session.

Lastly, the eight-level resistance controls its perfect to increase the difficulty. 


  • Perfect for a wide variety of body types. 
  • Supports individuals up to 120kg.
  • Excellent quality-price ratio. 


  • No automatic resistance control level.
  • Reported issues with the LCD display monitor. 
  • Takes up more space than other models.

#3. Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer India (3rd Best)

Welcare WC6044

Our third best entry on the list is another fantastic product from Welcare, a great elliptical cross trainer brand. This time it is the WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Its sophisticated and stylish design sets it apart from the number one entry. There are excellent deals online to get one with discounts.

Key Features: 

  • 5Kg flywheel
  • 2-way rotation. 
  • LCD touchscreen monitor. 
  • Pulse Pad. 
  • 14-inches stride length.
  • 49” x 24” x 59” installation area.
  • 90kg weight limit.
  • 8 manual resistance control levels. 
  • 1-year warranty. 

The WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer features a 5-kilogram flywheel and a two-way rotation system, adding more stability.

Another advantage is that it reduces the physical impact on your knees as you increase the resistance levels and prolongs the workout session. 

The large LCD touchscreen monitor displays all the information you need to keep track of your exercise routine, like burned calories, speed, distance, heart rate, etc.

The hand pulse pads are strategically located on the handrails. It helps to keep real-time monitoring of your heart rate during your workout routine. 

The Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer for home has a weight limit of up to 90 kilograms. Its sturdy build makes it a durable piece of equipment, and the pedals are anti-slip. 


  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent customer service provided by the company.
  • Best quality-price ratio.


  • The 14-inches stride length isn’t ideal.
  • Although it works perfectly for an average size Indian, larger and heavy people can have trouble operating the machine.
  • Takes up a lot more space than similar models.

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Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical

Next on our list is the Afton FX-400 Steel Cardio Fitness Elliptical. A product manufactured by a Taiwanese company for the Indian market.

Afton FX-400

It is the ideal addition to your home gym if you search for a sturdy, long-lasting piece of equipment and do not fear paying a little extra.

Also, it offers a complete workout session, thanks to the handlebars. You’ll be working the arms, shoulders, and back all at the same time.

Key Feature:

  • 10kg flywheel.
  • Manual incline ramp
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Large LCD touchscreen digital display.
  • Heart rate sensors are located on the handlebars.
  • Easy to transport. 
  • 20 resistance control levels.
  • 1-year warranty for parts, lifetime warranty for the frame.
  • 20-inches stride length.

Like most models at this price range, the Afton FX-400 features 20 different resistance levels, perfect for those who enjoy heavy muscular impact training.

The large seat cushion height can be adjusted very quickly to be adapted to your preferences. With this piece of exercise equipment, you’ll be pedaling your way to fitness in no time. 

The pedals are made out of anti-slip material. The flywheel weighs a whopping 10 kg, offering a smooth and effortless training session.

This piece of equipment was designed for the hardcore user who likes intense workout sessions. It has several adjustment options for the savvier user. 


  • Quality built.
  • Multiple pre-set workout routines. 
  • Heavy flywheel.
  • Bluetooth connection.
  • Bigger stride length.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Provides many more features than other models.


  • Much more expensive than other models.

Xterra FS 4.0e (Cardio Fitness) Elliptical Cross Trainer

Xterra FS 4.0e

Whether you are looking to start a training center in your home or want a gym-quality equipment to exercise in the house, you can’t go wrong with our fifth entry on the best elliptical cross trainer in India list.

The Xterra FS 4.0e Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer comes fully packed with a lot of features and flexible options to improve your workout session experience.

Key Feature:

  • 20 Resistance levels.
  • Highly durable. 
  • Multiple advanced pre-set options.
  • Large 5.5” touchscreen display. 
  • 9 kg flywheel.
  • Dual-action handlebars.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Audio jack port.
  • Portable.
  • Water bottle holder.
  • 1-year warranty. 

Xterra is a manufacturer of all sorts of fitness-related equipment that has been around for years. We can easily find their products in the Indian market.

They have earned a trusted place, thanks to the reliability of their products. The FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer by Xterra was explicitly designed for home use. It is built with premium materials that will last longer than other models. 

Its 18-inches ellipse motion is one of the many highlights that sets this machine apart from the rest.

It helps you work out for more extended periods, thus, burning more calories in the process. Those who prefer a sturdier product, and are willing to pay a little more, will benefit from the FS 4.0e Cardio Fitness. 


  • Ideal for athletes to train at home. 
  • Large display touchscreen. 
  • Xterra’s good Music Entertainment system.
  • Multiple users feature. 
  • Good product to lose weight.


  • Costlier than other entries on our list. 
  • No free installation is available. 
  • No adjustable sitting option.

Reebok Z-Jet 460 Cross Trainer

Reebok Z-Jet 460

Rebook is by far the world’s most famous manufacturer of sporting equipment. They know what people like and look for, and from a time now, they have entered the field of exercise machines.

The Reebok Z-Jet 460 Cross Trainer is the result of years of experience poured into this device. Their ellipticals are always accessible price-wise, and they come packed with exciting features. 

Key Features: 

  • 15-inches stride length.
  • 24 levels of resistance. Electronically controlled.
  • 9kg flywheel.
  • Large LCD touchscreen monitor.
  • 19 pre-set workout routines.
  • Heart rate sensors are located on the handlebars.
  • Bluetooth connection. 
  • Maximum weight 120 kilograms.
  • 2-years warranty. 

One of the main highlights of the Rebook Z-Jet 460 Cross Trainer is connecting to Google Maps.

You can plan your route, choose any location you want, and virtually run through it as you exercise, a feature that definitely sets it apart from any other elliptical on the market. 

Thanks to the 24 resistance levels and the 19 pre-programmed workout routines, you will be given a challenging exercise session.

You can choose the resistance level and the training that best adapts to your needs and end goal.

The 9 kg flywheels offer stability and a smooth and effortless experience. The LCD monitor displays all the essential information you come to expect from ellipticals. 


  • Ideal for a9 kg flywheel.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Does not take much space.


  • Pricier than other models of similar specifications.

PowerMax Fitness EH-225, Elliptical Cross Trainer

PowerMax Fitness EH-225

PowerMax is one of the largest gym products manufacturing companies in the US. They have recently branched out to India, flooding the market with multiple top-quality products like the PowerMax Fitness EH-225 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

It has been specifically designed for house use. It is one of the better choices for those who are looking for an easy-to-use machine.

You can strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

This elliptical is considered a “budget” item. It offers high-end features for an affordable price. 

Key Features: 

  • Free installation is available in selected cities. 
  • LCD digital display screen.
  • Fan-wheel chain drive system.
  • Adjustable resistance levels.
  • Adjustable seat. 
  • Maximum weight 100 kg.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Basic design.

The PowerMax Fitness EH-225 Elliptical Cross Trainer is considered one of the most convenient ellipticals found on the Indian market thanks to one feature: micro-adjustable resistance control levels.

The LCD digital display screens provide you with all the information and statistics necessary to have a fruitful workout session.

You can keep records of your top speed, longest distance, and the total calories burnt.

Another excellent addition to this device is heart rate monitoring, a feature usually not found in cheap models.

The fan-wheel chain drive system is another star feature found on the Fitness EH-225. It provides you with a smooth movement and effortless workout routine. Also, reduces the noise levels even during an intense session.

The two-way crank system is perfect for working out both the upper and lower body. Heart rate measurement sensors are located on the handlebars and allow you to keep real-time tracking of your condition. 


  • Easy to put together. 
  • Portable.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Ideal for beginners. 


  • A tall person can find difficulties using the machine.
  • The seat is wobbly
  • Some users have complained about the lack of customer service for this specific product.

Reach C-3005 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Movable Handles for Home Gym

Reach C-3005.jpg

Making its way down to our number eight pick is a product manufactured by one of India’s largest fitness equipment companies, Reach.

The C-3005 elliptical cross trainer is one of the most versatile models on our guide. Not only is it a cross trainer, but it can also be used as a cycle for spinning.

True fitness enthusiasts will rejoice with its 17-inches stride length. Its price tag may be a little higher for some people, but this a product meant for those who take their exercise very seriously. 

Key Feature: 

  • 7 kg flywheel.
  • 17-inches stride length.
  • 8 resistance levels. 
  • Stationary handles / Movable handles. 
  • LCD digital touchscreen display. 
  • 1-year warranty. 

The Reach C-3005 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Movable Handles as a home gym equipment is an excellent addition to our list. It doubles a typical cross trainer and a spinning cycling machine, a 2 for 1 kind of deal.

Comes with Adjustable handlebars to fit your preferred method of training. The 7-kilogram flywheel provides the machine with stability and lowers the impact on your knees and joints.

A tall person will benefit from the 17-inches stride length. You can switch between the 8 different levels of resistance available, depending on how intense you want the workout session.

The maximum weight limit is 100 kg.

To make it one of the safest ellipticals in the market, reach added its anti-shake resistance and anti-slip pedals. One can easily adjust the seat. 

The LCD monitor is a beautiful highlight. It keeps track of vital information. The heart rate sensors are located in the handlebars and keep real-time readings of your condition. 



  • Excellent performance. 
  • Adjustable machine. 
  • LCD console.


  • Noisier than other models. 
  • No automatic resistance level selection.
  • More expensive than other models with similar specifications.

PowerMax Fitness EH-400 Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

The next entry on our list, in the number 9 place, is another excellent product by PowerMax, the Fitness EH-400 Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer.

This is a high-end product full of high-tech features to provide users with a unique exercising experience.

PowerMax Fitness EH-400

The price tag could be higher for some people, but this model was meant for those who want only the best and are very serious about their health. This product adapts perfectly to the Indian market. 

Key Features: 

  • Free installation feature for selected cities. 
  • 5-inches LCD digital console touchscreen. 
  • 6 kg flywheel. 
  • 2-way drive system.
  • Maximum weight limit 135 kg. 
  • 8 electromagnetic resistance levels.
  • 1-year warranty. 

Those looking for an expensive piece of equipment full of high-end features, sturdily built, and premium quality should not look beyond the PowerMax Fitness EH-400 Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer.

As one of the company’s top sellers, this product will deliver a comprehensive and intensive full-body workout experience for both the upper and lower body. 

Thanks to a proprietary feature, this machine saves a lot of space, and once it’s put together, you can quickly move it from one place to another.

It has 8 magnetic resistance levels, which we can easily adjust, offering different experiences.

Another notable highlight of this product is the 5.5” LCD digital display touchscreen. It shows all the necessary information, like speed, distance, burned calories, heart rate, pulse rate and BMI. 

The 6 kg flywheel offers incredible stability, and the anti-slip pedals improve the overall exercising experience. The maximum weight limit is 135 kg, higher than the average weight of the Indian people.



  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Heart sensors on the handlebars.
  • Easy to move around with ease. 


  • No automatic resistance level adjustment.
  • It takes up a lot of space.
  • Although there are some excellent deals to be found online, it is still an expensive item.

Proline Fitness – 335E, Elliptical Trainer Machine In India

Proline Fitness – 335E

The final entry on our guide of the best elliptical cross trainer machine in India comes from one of the country’s most popular and trusted manufacturing brands of fitness equipment, among other products, Proline.

We are talking about the Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer Machine. This is a brand that knows how to build exercise machines, and this one is no exception. It comes fully packed with all sorts of exciting features, and it is built to endure even the most demanding training sessions for a long time. 

Key Features: 

  • Six workout settings.
  • Sturdy built.
  • Stylish design.
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels.
  • 5 kg flywheel.
  • Heartbeat rate sensors on the handlebars.
  • Large anti-slip pedals.
  • Reduces stress on joints.
  • Easy to transport.
  • 3-months warranty for the motor. 
  • Lifetime warranty period for the frame. 
  • Compact design.

There is no denying Proline’s long-standing reputation for producing some of the world’s best fitness equipment, and this elliptical trainer is no exception whatsoever.

One of the best features is its price. It is cheaper than other competitors who offer the same  basic features. For those looking for an elliptical trainer that will give them the same experience and results they will get at a gym, this is an excellent choice. 

It comes with 6 different workout settings and a small digital display showing necessary information like time, distance covered, burned calories, etc. There are 8 magnetic resistance control levels and a 5 kg flywheel that offers good stability.

Another excellent feature is its accurate elliptic movement technology that reduces the impact on your knees and virtually no joint stress during an intense and efficient workout session.

The Proline Fitness 335E Elliptical Trainer Machine comes with anti-slip pedals for smooth and effortless pedaling.

Small wheels are located at the bottom of the machine to make it easy to move around through wheels.



  • This is a highly compact piece of equipment
  • Durable. 
  • You can choose between several levels of incline to improve the workout routine.
  • Anti-slip pedals make it easier for jogging. 
  • You can quickly move the machine from one place to another.


  • No return policy is available. 
  • It comes with a steep installation fee. 


While listing the best elliptical cross trainers in India in 2022, I have also listed some of the unique features that make them stand out in a flooded market with products from different brands.

It is meant to simplify the process of choosing one for you, as you can focus on these features and pick the one that best suits your requirements.

It is undeniable that these machines serve the most prominent purpose and should be a must-buy on your list. You should make an appropriate choice and consider all the benefits that Elliptical trainers serve. One thing I am sure about is that you are not going to regret it.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Buying Guide

While we remain stuck to our busy lives and the daily hustle, we tend to forget the importance of being healthy and fit. As they say,

‘your body is the temple, and you should take good care of it.’

Having a regular workout routine will bring you much joy. It will keep your body active for a more extended period. Hence, investing in a good workout machine will change the course of your lifestyle.

Elliptical cross trainers are indeed the game-changer and have made working out reasonably simple. You can just hop on these machines, and they will provide you with an aerobic feel.

This machine will help you to perform an energized full-body workout without putting excessive pressure on your muscles. To know more about this machine, you can follow the buying guide, and it will undoubtedly help you make the right choice.

What is an Elliptical Cross trainer, and how does it work?

These machines are pretty new in the exercising niche and have made workout sessions simple. Nowadays, every gym has them, and these are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Apart from providing its user with a fulfilling workout session, they are very straightforward to use. You just have to grab the handles, put your feet on the pedals, and the machines start working.

Somehow people have misunderstood the use of Ellipticals, and their utility remains underrated. People believe that these machines fail to provide them with intensive workout sessions. They are only beneficial to casual users.

However, this belief is wrong because these machines don’t strain your body and prevent the user from unwanted injuries.

Suppose the user gets complete knowledge on the machine’s operation. In that case, they will surely understand their valuable features, and their calories will burn in no time.

Types of Elliptical cross trainers

There are various models in these machines, which go from the base model to high-end ones. But, to simplify, I am here mentioning the four main types of Elliptical machines.

You should read about the way each one functions and then decide which one will fit your needs. One feature that differentiates these machines is the placement of the “drive system.” It is the part that sets the motion for Elliptical trainers.
They are further discussed below-

1-Center-drive ellipticals

These are newly launched Ellipticals and have a unique approach towards drive system placement. These are indeed competing well against the other types, and people do buy them more.

The center drive ellipticals are compact, and the drive system is placed to one side, which makes them ideal for tiny spaces. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about creating more space.

They are more suitable for jogging or walking. Besides that, they have super-long stride potential.

People with achy joints should consider buying these because they are joint-friendly.

They have a smooth pedal, which means we can use it for a long time, and the pedals also support one’s natural movement and stride.

2-Front-drive ellipticals

The best part about these ellipticals is that they are inexpensive. As the name suggests, the flywheel is located in front of the exerciser.

To make clear, the machine’s flywheel is that part that will spin when you start peddling. This flywheel creates resistance against your force.

The user can lean forward and feel like climbing on the stairs. It is designed in a way that you will have the feeling of walking on the hill.

These machines are more inclined and are less flat if compared to Rear drive Ellipticals.

With this inclined feature, you will have to bend forward to use its handlebars, but on the plus side, it will strengthen your upper body as well.

The front-drive elliptical machine is a great choice if you want to save on space. They’re also typically less expensive than rear-drive models but will require a little more maintenance over time.

3-Rear-drive ellipticals

The difference in these machines is that flywheel is placed behind the exerciser, which results in a smooth working out experience.

Rear-drive ellipticals are usually more expensive and have circular pedal motion. Unlike Front-drive ellipticals, these machines are not inclined.

The user can maintain an upright position, which will help straighten their back. Companies that manufacture these machines claim that Rear-drive ellipticals are smoother than any other form.

With its circular pedal motion, the user feels like they are running. Most prominently, the seat is comfortable, and the feel is different.

These are not as inclined as Front-drive machines and are preferable for users who want an upright position while working out. They have a simple design with long stride lengths and fewer moving parts.

Rear-drive ellipticals have low maintenance and don’t create noise. They pretty much serve every purpose.

Still, one last thing is they are usually more expensive and take up more space than the other types, so if you have a flexible budget and size is not an issue, then this type is the best for you.

4-Hybrid ellipticals

Hybrid exercise machines are more like stationary exercise bikes, which means they don’t move. However, you can adjust your seat and pedals.

Hybrid ellipticals are multi-functional, and it has several modes which can quickly adapt and re-arrange. They are highly durable as compared to Rear-drive ellipticals. Also known by the name Timecross Trainer, Elliptical bikes, are highly versatile.

You can switch the seat positions. It can be either used for sitting or standing. The transition is comfortable and user-friendly. The flywheel is located in the front, but it is closer to the user than in the front-drive design.

On the one hand, you can go jogging if you are using this machine while standing. It has leaning forward movement just like the one present in Front-drive ellipticals trainers.

Since it is a stationary bike, it will feel more like a traditional bicycle while you are sitting down. As I mentioned earlier, it is multi-functional. If you are looking for various options to exercise at home, it will cater to your needs.

With its seat adjustment feature, you can ride it like a Recumbent Bike too. It doesn’t take much space and will serve several functions in just one single machine.

Most of the Ellipticals have a smooth built, and their design is made to perfection. Exercisers can maintain the intensity of their workout with this simple cardio machine.

Some additional benefits of Ellipticals are discussed below-

Improves the Balance

Balancing is an art. It is widely unknown that it can help strengthen your bones and help maintain a healthy body weight. Now the question comes, how can the Elliptical machines enable you to keep the Balance?

If you try to stand straight on the pedals without using the Handles, it can build your muscle strength. You just have to make sure that the resistance level is maintained, and then you can use the machine with ease.

If improved Balance is your priority, then these machines will challenge your body to do better. It has incline and resistance options that will put extra pressure on your muscle groups.

Your fitness priorities should include both the upper and lower body workout. Your exercise should be a perfect mix of both.

Fitness after Injury

Suppose you have suffered an injury in the past, and your body can’t take rigorous workout activities. In that case, you should definitely consider working out on an elliptical cross-trainer.

You can slowly start the workout and decide its intensity. This machine puts less impact on your joints and muscles, unlike running or jumping. After the injured area is healed, you can get into motion and strengthen the weaker areas.

Variety of options

Elliptical machines are multi-functional. You can experience various pre-programmed exercise routines that include- internal training, mimic hill-climbing, and other options that you can customise according to your preference.

Quick learning

Initially, you may ask for a professional trainer’s guidance when using this machine for the first time. However, you can learn to use it in no time, and this is one of the most significant advantages of using it.

You can search on the internet to figure out the workout type that will match your fitness goals. Once you get the hold of using the machine, you can jump from using the foot pedals to the handles.

Less stress on your joints

When the elliptical cardio machines came into the market in the early 1990s, people rejoiced at the opportunity to get devices that will put less pressure on their joints while getting a full-body workout at the same time.

Runners who have previously been injured have benefited a lot from these machines because now they can train themselves well and build their cardiovascular system along with it.

You don’t have to lift your feet from the pedal while doing cardio exercises like running. Even research showed that using an elliptical cross trainer can reduce weight faster than doing activities like jogging. On top of it, wear and tear are minimal as compared to other machines.

Dual body workout

This is an extraordinary benefit because it aims to provide you with both – upper body workouts and lower body workouts and that too with its handles. If you keep up the same speed between your arms and legs, then it will work wonders.

The point is to maximise productivity through even distribution of resistance and weight. This machine will surely help you strengthen your chest, triceps, biceps, and core muscles.

Burning of Body Fat

I know you need to lose some extra kilos and tone your muscles in a brief span of time. While doing regular exercise can sometimes turn out to be monotonous, and you feel like giving up.

One thing that is assured with these machines is that they will make your workout session super fun and exciting.

It has a High-calorie burn ability, which is the cherry on the cake. You will be able to burn more fat with a high-intensity workout session, and you can adjust the settings of this machine accordingly.

You can consider setting the ratio of training to 2 to 1, which means after having an intense workout session for 30 seconds, you can take the break for half this time, i.e., 15 seconds, and follow a similar pattern working out for 60 seconds.

It is vital to keep your feet moving during the break period. Only the handles should be left unattended.

Boost your stamina and cardio capacity

To remain healthy, you must do exercise regularly. Cardio exercises help to keep the body active and boost up your stamina.

The elliptical machine successfully lets you perform aerobic exercise and pump up the supply of oxygen and blood into your heart and lungs.

Did you know your muscles remain stretched and active if you have a balanced workout routine? There is no beating these machines when it comes to an excellent aerobic workout; it will surely make your muscles strong and build your body’s endurance.

While starting the training, you should keep the intensity low, and it may increase as you get used to the machine and your routine. You should only perform High-intensity workouts once you are aware of your stamina.

Exercise Benefits of Elliptical Machines

We recommend the use of Elliptical trainers because it puts significantly less stress on your joints. It has a low impact, which further reduces the risk of any unwanted injury.

They work on soft motion, but that doesn’t mean it burns fewer calories than any other machine.

It is proven in research that Elliptical trainers burn more calories as compared to Treadmills. Most prominently, they are easy on your legs and cause little exertion on your legs as well as your heart.

Body Strength

Building Body strength takes time, and a lot of hard work, and people tend to spend hours working out in gyms.

But with these machines, you can customise your workout schedule and build your strength at the same time.

You can build your arms with the help of its handles, and its pedals will make your leg muscles stronger and stretched.


With the HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the user can work out for a brief period and rest for short intervals.

That means some time for intense training and then active recovery. This process can be performed multiple times.

Working out this way has many benefits, and your body will not feel exhausted. Elliptical machines are perfect when you want to follow this schedule.

Recovery After Injury

This machine can help you regain the lost strength that you may have lost during an injury. It is risky to perform a high-intensity workout and to heal the body properly. It would help if you started with slower training.

Elliptical trainers can make the journey easy, and you can again build your muscles.

Simple To Use

There is no technical training required to use Ellipticals. They are pretty simple to use, with no strict learning curve. You will fall into the rhythm of the movement in no time and enjoy it.

Professional Use

Professional athletes or runners can benefit from these machines and train themselves on them. You can adjust the workout according to your requirement.

Some Faqs On Cross-Trainers

Is a Cross trainer good for weight loss?

There is no definitive answer to the question, whether a cross trainer is good for weight loss? Some people may find that a cross trainer is a good way to lose weight, while others may not see any results.
The best way to find out if a cross trainer is right for anyone is to try it out and see how you feel. But like all exercises, it does help in burning calories.

Are cross trainers better than walking?

There are many health benefits to both walking and using a cross-trainer. Some people might find those cross-trainers are better because they provide more resistance, which can lead to more weight loss.
However, walking is also a great way to lose weight and improve cardiovascular health. I would say it totally depends on one’s preference and the specific goal in mind.

Are cross-trainers bad for your knees?

Well, it all depends on the quality of the cross-trainer you are using. Some models might be worse than others, but there’s no scientific evidence proving that cross trainers are bad for our knees.
In fact, it is a low-impact exercise and if used correctly it should not be bad for the knees.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill

In most fitness centers, people usually prefer a treadmill or elliptical cross trainers. The treadmill is very good for a cardio workout as well as burning dietary fat while this exercise bike or cross trainer mimics one’s walking style.

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