My Top Recommendations to you for the Best Exercise Bikes In India this year are presented in this article. Also I will,

  • Recommendations I have researched,
  • What I did to pick the best exercise bikes,
  • Provide you with some considerations before purchasing.

Maintaining a well-balanced and healthy routine should not be considered a choice, but it should be your lifestyle. In these challenging times, when one cannot go out of the house more often, it becomes necessary to keep mental and physical health in check.

So what better than working out to release all the negative feelings. Exercise bicycles help to build a cardio routine without leaving the comfort of one’s home. We must keep in mind that exercising regularly is about shedding extra weight and living healthier among stress and anxiety.

Quick Review of The Top Exercise Bikes In India

  1. Welcare WC8006 (Best Overall)
  2. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle (2nd Best)
  3. Fitkit FK717 (3rd Best)

How Did I Research The Top Exercise Bikes in India?

I research each product’s features and the best part is, I do not accept any payments or free samples in exchange for a positive review.

Then I have reviewed and ranked them according to their performance.

I considered the following factors when comparing and selecting the best exercise bikes for India: price, durability, design, features.

From these considerations I narrowed down the list to the top exercise bikes in India – so you don’t have to spend hours researching and comparing.

I understand your confusion about choosing the perfect cycle that will fill in a gym trainer’s need.
Don’t think any further because we assure you that this list includes a great buying guide as well. Have a look and consider all the factors to choose what will be best for your workout sessions.

Here Are The Best Exercise Cycles In India

#1-Welcare WC8006 Upright Bike Magnetic Basic with LCD Display & Adjustable seat for Cardio Workout

This product is manufactured by Welcare, a trusted company for health products.

This bike comes with a digital meter and a large LCD digital display monitor that records your calories burned, distance, time, and speed.

The bike weighs about 10 kgs of flywheel weight that accelerates the pace. Its assembly area is 36″x24″x55″ (910x610x1400mm) and can hold up to 120 kgs of user weight.

You get a pulse sensor pad and foot pedals along with a dual grip monitor. The magnetic exercise bike has an 8- level manual adjuster that helps keep up with your workout intensity. It requires AA batteries to function effortlessly.


  • The foot pedals are extra-wide, ensuring proper hold and maximising your workout sessions.
  • It has a Silent magnetic resistance that allows for a peaceful workout session.
  • Its smooth handles ensure your hands stay comfortable for a long time.
  • With the latest LCD, it helps you keep a check on the distance covered, time taken, and calories burned.
  • The bike is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy music while having an intense body workout.


  • The Quality of the belt is not good.
  • There is no proper customer service available from the company.

#2-Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle (With Moving Handles & An Adjustable Cushion Seat)

Having a machine for working out at home is almost essential to keep your body fit. The Reach Air Exercise Bike comes in handy if you are looking for a stationary cycle.

It can hold up to 100kgs of user weight while you are having a full-body workout session. We can change the settings of the handles from stationary to moving.

It has an LCD that displays time, speed, and calorie count along with a user-friendly tracker. The belt resistance helps in the improvement of pedalling techniques and operates freely with no complications.

The installation is easy, and along with it, you get customer support service from the company.


  • Because this is a stationary bike, it will help strengthen your lower body and build endurance for the upper body.
  • It has comfortable seating with soft seat cushions that are adjustable.
  • The handlebars are covered with high-density foam, which prevents strains in the back.
  • The belt is made durable and requires low maintenance.
  • We can trust the bike on its portability and high quality.


  • The belt tighter doesn’t work correctly.
  • Pedal bolts loosen quickly.

#3-Fitkit FK717 (14lbs Flywheel)

Suppose you don’t want to compromise even the tiniest bit on the build and the quality of your exercise bike. In that case, we recommend you to have a glance at this cycle from Fitkit.

The company provides a free Personal Dietician for three months and a Personal Trainer once, along with the Doctor Consultation.

To connect, you will have to download Fitplus App, which is available on both Android and IOS softwares.
The app will collect your workout data on your phone, and we can use it to compare with other users from all over the world.

Equipped with a 14lbs- kgs flywheel, this bike provides momentum and resistance to your workouts. It can hold up to 110kgs of user weight. 


  • The LCD monitor shows cycling speed, distance covered, burned calories, and heart rate.
  • The pedals can be locked, which creates a grip for your feet.
  • It is packed with the latest technology; you have the option of connectivity to other apps such as goggle fit and apple health.
  • The Fk717 has an inbuilt heart rate sensor that records heartbeats while you work out.
  • The design is made to perfection with a solid build and amplified looks.


  • It is relatively on the expensive side.
  • Calorie meter reading is deceiving.
  • The height of the seat is small, and it doesn’t have an attachment, but it is height adjustable.

Cardio Max JSB-HF151 Magnetic Fitness Bike-(Heavy Duty) Elliptical Cross Trainer and Exercise Cycle- Home Gym equipment

This is an easy-breezy product that fits well into your home and doesn’t take much space. Its assembly size is 100x60x158cm.

The exercise bike has an Elliptical Cross Trainer as well. It has a touch LCD panel that keeps up the record of your workout.

The bike’s flywheel weight is around 6 kg, and the maximum holding weight capacity is 110 kgs. It guarantees you a smooth Cycling Experience and has an Eight level tension controller.


  • The bike has a mobile holder and wheels that are easily transportable.
  • Its tension controller is up to level 8.
  • The foot pedals are non-skid and come with an adjustable foot strap.
  • We can use the product daily, and it helps you with a perfect leg and hand workout.
  • You can easily set up the bike at home with the help of a user manual or by watching YouTube videos.
  • This bike works both ways- stationary and elliptical cross trainer that means you get the workout’s dual benefit.
  • The quoted price is not much. It is budget-friendly.


  • This bike is not suitable for overweight people who weigh above 90kg.
  • Its build is pretty average. If you are expecting something solid, this might not be the one.

Cockatoo CFB-01 Smart Series Fan Bike with Manual Tension Exercise Cycle

You can always feel fresh after an intense workout session. It becomes even more refreshing if you are doing it at home, around your comfortable space.

This bicycle helps with upper body workouts because of moving handlebars, and some pedals facilitate lower body workouts. The LCD monitor records your measurements during the session.

Its flywheel weighs 1.44kgs, and the bike can hold up to 110kgs of user weight. The fan is 17” inch and allows for more air resistance.


  • The foot pedals have a large surface that makes them comfortable, and the grip is firm.
  • It is equipped with user-friendly technology; mesh belt transmission provides magnetic resistance to reduce vibrations and creates an effortless ride.
  • The speed and force function according to the needs of the user.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • The build is solid and looks sturdy.
  • It guarantees you smooth operation and doesn’t create noise.
  • It has a level resistance dial that lets you control the intensity of the workout. 


  • The screws are a bit loose; Tighten them regularly.
  • It doesn’t work correctly when you increase the intensity of the workout.
  • The price is relatively high.

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel

This attractive bike from Kobo is not just about looks but also stands well up to our durability expectations.

It has a seat shocker system and a seat that we can adjust. You can easily regulate the pressure of the Kobo bike and set it accordingly.

People of different shapes and sizes can use it. The flywheel weighs 18kg and works without any disturbing noise. The digital LED monitor turns off automatically if you are not using the bike. It has an adjustable saddle and pedals with straps.


  • Assembling is easy; you will get the manual for instructions.
  • The bike has a heavy frame with wheels present on from the stabiliser that keeps the bike moving. We can level it to the ground with end caps present on front and back stabilisers.
  • Push down brake can stop the flywheel.
  • It has a unique, unconventional design that immediately catches the eye.
  • It works finely and fits well within budget.
  • The design is extraordinary and robust.


  • The bike has a chain drive, which creates noise. It would have been better if it was a belt drive.
  • The seat is uncomfortable for people above the height of 5’5”
  • It has a mobile holder which doesn’t work correctly.

Monex 4-in-1 Multi Orbitrek – The Dual-Action, Fitness Cross Trainer and Body Gym, Exercise Bike

This is easy to assemble the product and can be your perfect workout partner at home. You can choose to walk or run, and it will not impact your knees and joints. The bike facilitates a dual-action workout, which includes arms and upper body.

It is designed in a way to provide comfort to your body. Pedals are wide, which prevents slipping off the foot. The size is compact and fits well within a small space in your home. The bike can withstand user weight up to 100 kgs.


  • You can install this machine easily with the help of a user manual given with the bike.
  • It prevents any stress on joints with the support of its Natural Elliptical motion.
  • The bike can be used anywhere in the house because of easy-glide wheels.
  • The build is excellent and provides full body support while you are working out.
  • It significantly helps to build the cardiovascular system.
  • The looks and design are constructed in a way that looks classy and elegant.


  • There no LCD Display to record your measurements.
  • The screws keep on coming out.
  • It may create some noise if you are using it for a long time.

Lifelong LLF45 Fit Pro Spin Exercise Bike

This machine has a simulation app that lets you track your weekly exercise with people worldwide in real-time. This app is laid with the latest rich features that help to compare your progress.

The flywheel weighs about 6kgs, and the machine can hold up to 120kgs of user weight. The LLF45 has a heart rate sensor that records your heart rate.

This device comes with a noise reduction cover and a belt-driven system, which results in a smooth workout experience.


  • Flywheel is heavy, which supports speed and stability across your workout.
  • It has a foam grip handle, which ensures a firm but smooth hold on the bike.
  • The belt-driven is of acceptable quality and provides a noise-free workout experience.
  • It has a 2-way adjustable handlebar and a 4-way adjustable seat.
  • There is an LCD monitor that records your measurements during a workout.
  • You will not find any problem with the installation.
  • It has a sturdy and beast-like body.


  • I do not recommend this bike for people above the height of 5’9” because of its compact size.
  • You may find the seat uncomfortable.
  • The Mobile holder is not made of premium quality and cannot hold the gadget adequately.

Reach B-400 Magnetic Exercise Fitness Cycle

This fitness cycle lets you experience a club-like physical fitness at your home with its wide range of cardio exercises. It has wheels for effortless movement and a seat that one can adjust around four ways.

It is equipped with a monitor that measures heart rate and a console that records distance, time, calorie, pulse rate, and speed.

The B-400 can hold up to 120 kgs of user weight, and its flywheel weighs around 8Kg. You can challenge your strength with an adjustable tension knob to match the workout intensity.

The handle has a 360 degrees adjustment mode, and we can rotate the pedal for about 10 degrees.


  • The bike has Anti-shake resistance that helps to keep up the balance on rough surfaces.
  • Its dual transportation wheels make it easy to move the cycle and relocate it.
  • The bike is user-friendly and can be rotated swiftly with your comfort.
  • Its seat is soft and cushiony, which goes easy on your back for long workout sessions.
  • The overall design is robust and compact.
  • The price is reasonable, and the company provides excellent customer support.


  • It may produce creaking sounds when used for long hours.

PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Dual Action Air Bike/Exercise Bike

Powermax fitness BU-201 supports home workouts with its dual-action and back support system. Air-bike comes with an LCD that tracks your measurements, including time, distance, calories burned, and speed.

This stationary bike has a resistance knob that lets you have an individualised workout and adjustable anti-skid wheels. Its belt-driven system ensures noise-free training.

This bike can carry up to 120 kgs of user weight and has single pieces of a crank. The frame of the BU-201 is made of heavy gauge steel and its looks are solid.


  • It has comfortable cushion seating that you can adjust accordingly.
  • Anti-slip and high-density foam ensures that your feet and hand remain at ease.
  • You can install this machine at home with the help of its user manual.
  • The handles of the bike are movable, and a backrest is provided too.
  • This is not an expensive product and valuable for performing cardio exercises at home.
  • Its heart rate monitor works well.


  • It may take some time to assemble the BU-201 bike.
  • You need at least two spanners to fix this product.
  • The bolts of the handle may get loosened quickly.

Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss

This bike frame is made of steel, and the construction is solid. We can move its handles backward and forward, and this cycle is non-motorised.

It is equipped with an electronic meter display that records time duration, calorie count, and speed.

We can use its manual tension knob to adjust the strength. This non-motorised exercise cycle fits well into your home. You can trust this machine for its portability and durability.

The product is not heavy and weighs around 15kgs; it is made of alloy steel.


  • This cycle has padded grips and an adjustable arm reach.
  • You can adjust the seat of the Unisex bike according to your comfort level.
  • We can assemble the cycle with the help of the instruction manual provided along.
  • You can surely go for the Health exercise product if your preferences include building stamina.
  • It is a deal hard to miss within a limited price range.
  • The cycle is light in weight.


  • Quality of the bike is not up to the mark as cheap plastic is used.
  • It produces a creaking sound during a workout, and screws are a bit loose.
  • Colour is not of good quality; they start to peel off after some time.


You can choose the bicycle keeping in mind; the workout intensity you want, the particular body exercise you want to perform, and most importantly, your budget. To develop endurance, you can buy a stationary bike, and if you’re going to build muscle power, you can go for the moving one.

It is essential to choose a suitable machine because you may land up in some injury because of failing to do so. Hope you can choose now from the best exercise bicycles in India in 2021 currently available.

Buying Guide For Exercise Bikes In India

Before getting an exercise bike for home, one must keep in mind the following factors. 


When selecting an exercise bike, one needs to understand several criteria one needs to keep in mind. At first, one needs to decide on the frequency of the usage of exercise bikes.

Some say that if you plan to use the exercise bike over two to three times a week, it will be better to get a gym membership. But again, it has been proved that having an exercise bike at home shall keep you more committed towards the goal you have created and wish to follow for yourself.

Having an exercise equipment at home comes with its advantages. One can work out even on a rainy day without getting the clothes soiled, and one can work out at home, even if kids are present.

If one is serious about exercising, they need to contribute at least 15 minutes daily on the exercise bike. These 15 minutes shall help you reduce the belly fat you have wanted to get rid of for a long time, and you can even get it to reduce your overall weight.

It would be best if you tried to increase the time you spend exercising using the bike. It won’t be easy at first, but in due time, 30 minutes a day of cardio shall provide you with your required goal.

Exercise cycles offer great cardio with low-impact exercises and are pretty helpful for people having back problems.


Affordability is crucial for a consumer to select the exercise bike they find comfortable. Budget is quite essential for people who earn just enough to feed themselves and their families.

So, we cannot expect people to buy the most high-end exercise bicycles at a great price. Thus, before selecting the exercise bike, you need to lay down a budget for yourself to not fall in trouble.

As far as the Indian exercise cycle market is concerned, the consumers can get themselves quite good exercise bikes between ₹10,000 and ₹15,000. The average Indian family can spare an amount in this price range to get themselves the exercise bike they need.

In India, to cater to the audience that finds it difficult to spare this amount, good quality exercise cycles are available even under ₹10,000, making exercise bikes affordable to everyone.

Therefore, understanding and planning your budget might give you a head start, and you wouldn’t need to look out for exercise bikes that cost a lot and might gobble up your savings.


Whenever one plans to purchase an exercise bike, one needs to understand the designs and features that are a standard staple of an exercise bike.

Every bike is unique, and no two models share the same make or design. So before buying a bike, the person who would use it needs to be comfortable with the features and designs.

One needs to list all the key features and find out if they satisfy him or her. Once one is satisfied with all the features, one can lay their hands on their favourite model.

For example, before getting the bike, one should know if the seats are adjustable, if the bike can support your weight, the cycle’s resistance level, etc. 

Resistance Level: 

Every electronic item meant for exercising comes with different settings to upgrade to a higher level every time one feels the need to.

You need to understand that a good bike meant for exercising includes various levels of resistance. Therefore, when you want to select the exercise bike that suits your needs, you need to find out the bike’s resistance levels.

All said and done, you do not wish to get stuck on a fundamental level.


Pedals are crucial for an exercise bike. Every time you get on the exercise bike, you do not wish to slip and cause an injury to yourself. Thus, it would help if you found an exercise bike that has wide pedals.

Suppose you get an exercise cycle that comes with narrow pedals. In that case, the chances are that you will never feel comfortable enough to exercise for a long time.

An exercise bike is a stationary object, and if you slip from the cycle, an accident or injury will be inevitable. There shall be no way to avoid it. So, investing in a cycle that has wide pedals shall be beneficial for the consumer.

Weight and Seat: 

The weight and the seat of the exercise cycle are also significant factors. One must never purchase an exercise bike without trying the different seats and then select the one which seems to be the most comfortable one.

I advise that you choose the bike only if the seat is comfortable because you don’t want to look like an uninformed consumer after buying a bike that will not be the right fit for you.

Again, look into the weight capacity of the cycle. If the bike’s supporting ability is less than your weight, do not make the mistake of getting that particular bike. 

Bike with Back Support: 

Quite many people suffer from degenerative disc or lower back pains. But does this mean that the people suffering from this should not buy an exercise bike? No.

People suffering from this should not be devoid of exercising. Therefore, they should go for a bike that provides back support.

Recumbent bikes come with a back support system – a backrest providing more support to the user. This differs significantly from an upright bike.

Types Of Exercise Bikes

It is essential to note the five types of exercise bikes available according to the comfort level and the effectiveness of the muscle group. 

 Upright Bikes:

The first type of cycle on our list is the upright bike. The upright bikes require you to sit up in an upright position when exercising.

These upright bikes have various models belonging to different exercise bike brands, and they come with varying levels of resistance. Therefore, you get to choose the exercise cycles depending on the resistance levels and depending on your need.

These bikes have movable handles for the body’s upper part. The upright exercise bike helps a person tone their glutes, abs, and legs. However, this does not imply that one can get a toned figure without working out for a long time.

The upright cycles can only help you tone the parts mentioned above if you follow an intense exercise regime that shall help you burn fat.

You should note that these bikes help burn more calories than the recumbent exercise cycle because the upright bikes demand more from the person and engage more muscles. The upright bicycles help provide a total body workout, while the recumbent bikes fail in doing so.

 Recumbent Bikes:

Next up, let’s talk about the recumbent exercise bikes. People with back pain use recumbent exercise bikes because they provide support for their back. If you do not have any back pain, I would suggest you use upright bikes.

This is because the recumbent bicycles offer support for your back, but the upright bikes don’t; therefore, the recumbent bike decreases your upper body’s movement.

Exercising on recumbent exercise bikes will be efficient for the lower body but less efficient on the upper body. Some say that recumbent bikes are pretty helpful for people who are new to cycling.

Recumbent bikes can offer a cardiovascular workout for consumers belonging to all ability levels. The seat in a recumbent bike is much more comfortable than the seat of an upright one, and you might feel that the seat is equivalent to an average office chair.

Anyone who exercises on the recumbent bike is more comfortable because he is in a reclined body position that reduces fatigue in the body. It also eliminates the soreness of muscles in the upper body.

Recumbent cycles go gentle on the joints of an average adult, and more importantly, provide support to your lower back. These bikes are much safer than others.

Spinning Bikes:

Let us now see the next category of bikes- the spinning bikes. This type of bike allows the user to sit in the hunching or squatting position and the upright position.

This feature of pedalling while standing makes this type of exercise bike stand out from the crowd. The spinning bikes contain handles that have been made in such a way as to be adjustable to provide proper support to the body’s uppermost parts.

The spinning bikes have been designed to meet the body’s weight loss goals to make the body fit and willing to take on challenges. The Spin bike allows the user to lose about 1000 calories in an hour, based on their gender, weight, age, and fitness level.

The pedals that have been reinforced and can support people of different weights and heights, and the seats are non-padded as it is advised to stand up while using exercise bikes. Very often, spinning bikes come with a display console that helps to track vital stats. 

 Air Bikes:

Up next, we have air bikes. Air bikes are like spin bikes, but they differ in one aspect that they include fan wheels at the front to offer wind resistance.

To provide users with more resistance as an option, a fan is used. The resistance level will keep going higher and higher, depending on how fast the user is pedalling. The handles of the bike have been made in such a way that they assist the user during high-intensity cardio workouts.

These handles are specially designed to be movable, and they move along with your pedalling action. This movement of the handles helps you get an entire upper body workout and an exercise for your legs. Again, air bikes provide safety to their users by providing them with safe movements. The air bikes have been deemed necessary to provide its users with the advantage of infinite wind resistance that will help users customise every stage of the workout.

Suppose you need better conditioning for your arms. In that case, these are the ones to go for because they provide better training of the body and burn more calories with no jarring impact being caused to the joints.

 Mini Exercise Bikes:

With the increasing population, we have been facing a space crunch. Keeping the space crunch in mind, designers have designed the mini exercise bikes, which are portable and affordable by not burning your pockets and not taking up too much of your space.

It is safe to say that the mini exercise bike will not work like the usual full-sized bike, but it will be wrong to say they do not help at all. The mini exercise bikes comprise a pedal, a stabiliser, and display speed, which allows you to notice the total time exercising and the calories burnt.

The hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, glutes, and hips are quite active when using the mini exercise bike by pedalling.

I advise anyone to cycle for 30 minutes a day to lose about 3500 calories, which equates to about a pound or half a kg of fat. 

These are the five exercise bikes that one needs to keep in mind before confirming their choice of selecting one based on their requirement. It is essential to be aware of them all. 

Benefits Of Using An Exercise Bike

As far as one is interested in buying an exercise bike, one must know the benefits offered by the exercise bikes. We bring you a list of benefits.

The exercise bike helps in losing weight. Let’s face it; we all might have wanted to lose weight at some point in time.

Therefore, if one is looking to lose the extra kilos to fit into that cropped top or get those six-pack abs, give in at least 30 minutes on a stationary bike. I can assure you that you will burn 200 to 300 calories depending on your weight.

If this does not seem to be the best benefit, nothing else will. So try to get a good bike for weight loss.

If losing weight isn’t your sole concern and you want your legs to be toned as Victoria’s Secret supermodel or a professional footballer, you might as well invest in an exercise bike.

It is no doubt the cyclists have super toned legs, and therefore pedalling away on a bike might not be a terrible option if you want to get toned legs. If you’re interested in losing upper body weight and giving it a high-intensity workout, you should try out that handlebar.

Subsequently, pedalling away not only tones your legs, but the calves, glutes, and quads work hard to propel the bike.

Some people do not want to lay pressure on their joints and run and jog, and other team sports do have an intense impact on the joints. To prevent such an effect, you can invest in an exercise bike that will get your heart rate up, and you won’t even lay stress on your precious joints.

It is known the bike puts less pressure on the hips, knees, ankles, and back. You do not need to bend entirely when you are on your bike, and your knees will only bend slightly if the cycling is proper. If you feel that your knees are too bent or straight, adjust the saddle. 

It has been proven that an exercise bike helps a lot to strengthen the heart and lungs. It also improves your body’s ability to utilize the oxygen that it is getting.
With a stationary bike, one can regulate high blood pressure and improve respiratory function.

You should regularly use the exercise bike for 30 minutes, five days a week, to get the required or desired result.

It is essential to note that the best feature of an exercise bike is its convenience. On a rainy day, when you enjoy work from home, you can spend your time on an exercise bike while talking over your Bluetooth earpiece. It is essential for cardio exercises, which help prevent heart attacks, lower high blood pressure, and regulate blood sugar levels. 

We have provided a list of benefits of exercise bikes, and we hope you have found them quite helpful and may help you choose better.

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